Basically, the Ultimate Basketball Association (UBA) is a professional basketball simulation program that can be configured to run a complex simulation league, or to just follow your favorite team through the season. If you are looking for an "NBA Live" type game with arcade style graphics, then this game is not for you. But if you are looking for an accurate basketball simulator, this is the one to try.

The Program:

The shareware version of the UBA program consists of the latest version of the UBA program (version 5.1), including all stand alone utilities, and the complete 1993-94 basketball season stats.  Additional seasons from the 1973-74 season to the present are available.  Each season contains every player that played in that season, the complete rosters of each team, and the full season schedule.

Features of the UBA Software:

Accuracy: The strength of the UBA software. While other programs may be superior to the UBA in graphical display, the UBA simulator is hard to beat when it comes to accuracy.

Flexibility: The UBA software is flexible in both the league setup, and coaching aspects of the program. As commissioner, you can modify the league to run on automatic pilot where several games are played in a matter of seconds, or you can have complete control over each individual game (or anywhere in between).

Commissioner Options

Number of Teams (up to 35)

Number of Divisions (up to 4)

Inury Options

Home Court Advantage Settings

Game Display Options


Team Names and Abbreviations


As a coach in the UBA, you have the choice of using a computer generated lineup, or creating your own lineup. You can control every aspect of the lineup, including exact substitution patterns down to the exact minute you want each player to play.

Coaching Options

Substitution Patterns

Offensive Strategy

Defensive Strategy

Rebounding Strategy

Foul Trouble Strategy

Blowout Strategy

Reports: The UBA Software creates many reports that can be viewed with the program and saved as text files for easy editing and/or uploading. The following sample reports are from the current UBA League #1:

UBA Reports


Game Summaries

Playing Time Report


League Leaders

Team Stats (Averages)

Team Stats (Totals)

Team Stats (Actual)

Team vs. Team Standings

Individual vs. Team Standings


Power Ratings

Injury Report

Detailed Game Previews

Position Ratings

Utilities: The following utilities are included with the UBA software: Drafting Utility, Computerized Default Lineup Generator, Player Editor, Random Schedule Generator, Playoff Scheduler, and more. A separate utility is available for those that want to run a league over the internet to generate .htm files for easy upload (at no cost).

Support: The UBA software comes with an extensive manual which includes a tutorial. Technical support is provided via E-Mail for all questions/problems related to the software: ubabasketball@comcast.net.

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