Illinois Spring Bird Count

The statewide Illinois Spring Bird Count is held annually on the Saturday that falls within the range of May 4 to 10 (New since 2013: In counties with no more than 10 participants, the Sunday within this date range may also be used to count, as long as the same areas are not covered on both days). It is organized by county. The state is subdivided into four areas from south to north. County compilers and contact information are indicated below. For further information contact the state compiler, Tara Beveroth, at (217) 265-7303 or or refer to the additional reading in the links above.

Counties that do not currently have a compiler are shown shaded in the list below. If you would like to volunteer, please let Tara Beveroth know as soon as possible. If you also tell me, I will list you here in order to facilitate organizing your count.

Greater Chicago Area (Area 4 - in part)

Other Northern Illinois (Area 4 - in part)

North-Central Illinois (Area 3)

South-Central Illinois (Area 2)

Southern Illinois (Area 1)

Please let me know if some of this information needs to be updated.

Information last updated May 7, 2014