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Swing Café, Gerry Beaudoin
Homespun Rowdy,
Homespun Rowdy
Introduction to the Mandolin Video,
Mickey Cochran

Take a trip to the Swing Café and have a cup of cool guitar jazz with Gerry Beadoin. And, you'll get a chance to hear the mando on great jazz standards -- with the Dawg!

How often do you get the chance to hear great classic jazz and catchy originals done with guitar virtuosity and your mando guru? You've got to hear the pure the acoustic sound of Gerry Beaudoin's big Stromberg Master 400 guitar along with Grisman's beautiful Lloyd Loar Gibson mandolin! Also featured in this release is the legendary jazz guitarist, Bucky Pizzarelli!

Swing Café represents some of the finest tacks from two of his previous CD's, with Grisman and other boss jazz players. Remixed and remastered, it sounds wonderful.

Also just recorded is a Gerry Beaudoin's CD for the Arbors Jazz, which features the great young violinist and mandolinist, Aaron Weinstein.

Look for Swing Café and other Gerry Beaudoin CDs at the links below -- always served up cool:


"Have a Drink on Jesus," sit back, and enjoy the exciting debut CD by young San Francisco bluegrass band, Homespun Rowdy.

You'll love the selection of mostly original songs, featuring liner notes on their amusing muses, inviting the listener into the creative minds that are "The Rowdy."

The Rowdy boys have done a wonderful job with their brand-new homespun music. From their tight harmonies to their high and positive energy, any lover of bluegrass -- or just any good music -- will enjoy the sound and know they're "fer" real. There will surely be more "Bluegrass Widows" to come. Don't get it? Pick up the CD or find Homespun Rowdy at any festival, and you will!

To see Homespun Rowdy or buy their CD, go to their website at:


Mickey Cochran has done it again with his Introduction to the Mandolin Video. Like his Mandolin Crosspicking Technique Book reviewed here in the past, he has a remarkable way of covering the material in a comprehensive yet digestible way.

This video starts at the very beginning of the mandolin learning experience but quickly moves through eleven nicely organized chapters. By chapter nine you even get to learn Beethoven's Ninth.

For the beginning mandolin player this video is all you need to learn the mandolin. If you're a more advanced player you'll appreciate the exercises, scale studies, melodies and rhythms.

The wonderful music Mickey plays on the video is a treat to hear and an inspiration. You'll really want to play the mandolin once you've heard this mandolin video.

Wisdom of the Wood
An Introduction to the Mandolin Video:
Retails: 39.95
VHS Format
Recorded in High Fidelity Digital
Approx. 2 Hours & 20 Minutes in Length
Level: Beginning to Intermediate