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Alan Bond's Berkeley Mandolins

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Alan Bond

Here I'm picking up my old Stan Miller mandolin for the first time in five years. It was stolen in 2006 and returned 2011.
Great to have it back. I've already done a few gigs with it and it's better then ever.

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Sound clips of Stan Miller mandolin number 33.

Whats the best mandolin pick?
The Great Pick Off

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Introduction to Shaping Picks

What's happening to mandolin bridges?
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Tone Guard

The Tone-Gard
Here's my mandolin with the Tone-Gard. It just snaps on the back. It keeps the back of the mandolin off your belly, so the sound isn't muffled. You can really tell the difference. I wouldn't want to be without one on my mandolins.

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Alan Bond's Mandolins

I give Mandolin lessons at the Fifth String in Berkeley.

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Here's the hand-out for the Mandolin Workshop I gave at the Grass Valley Bluegrass Festival ~ June 14, 2002.

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Matchstick Musical Instruments

What began as a challenge became a compulsion for Jack Hall, and in a mere 3 years between 1936 and 1939 he assembled an acoustic guitar, a tenor banjo, and two mandolins.

The most recent news from Tony Hall about the instruments is that Guinness World records have notified me that "I am now an official Guinness World Record holder for: The Largest Collection (10) of Playable Musical Instruments Made Entirely From Wooden Matchsticks."
For more about the Matchstick Man.

How about the
Fender Electric Mandolin FM-61SE

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