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Alan Bond's Mandolins


By 1993 I was playing in Coyote Ridge another Berkeley Bluegrass band.

Coyote Ridge Left to right
Alan Bond
Jonathan Schiele
Judith Edelman
Paul Knight
Jim Alison

1996 I started with Dark Hollow as their Mandolin guy.

In 1998 Alhambra Valley Band had me play with them for a few years

The Stan Miller F-5 mandolin (right side) plus blondie. See Alan Bond's Mandolins

This picture was taken by my fiancé in April 1999.

Here I am grooving out on the 5 string electric mandolin in 1999.

I also played ukulele in the Royal Hawaiian Ukulele Band in 2000.

Alan Bond 99 Alan Bond electric

Dark Hollow was happy to play at the Grass Valley Bluegrass Festival in June 2002.

It took 20 years for me to get back on the Grass Valley stage. The last time was with the band Oakum (previous page)

Alan playing with Dark Hollow
at McGrath's Pub 8/10/02
taken by Earl Oliver



Dark Hollow 10/27/02 at the Hotel Utah in S.F.

On November 1 2002 I broke my wrist in a bicycle accident.
I had to switch to playing the autoharp for a month.

The cast came off December 2 and I was able to play a gig with Dark Hollow two days later.

Dark Hollow played at the 2003 San Francisco Bluegrass & Old-Time Festival.

and the story continues...

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