Down Memory Lane   - George B. Simpson, Sturgis News, Wed 8 July, 1998

            On June 27, 1998, a Saturday, I attended the 1998 Wallace Family reunion at Dawson Springs, Kentucky (State Park Resort).  There were  a  good  many  in attendance and at least $400.00 in paid family dues.

            Chuck Carter  is  the association president..  We listened to a lecture given by a professor from the University of Kentucky.  He was a Wallace by blood. His mother and family were In attendance. He is acquainted with Dr. Lowell Harrison and Dr. Clark of UK and WKU. He spoke on basic early Kentucky hardships and style of survival--corn,
deer meat, greens, berries, hominy, corn - cakes, seasonal squash beans and et al.

            There Were about 15 descendants of old Ben Wallace; and the balance descended from James Wallace; and one descendant from Elijah.  Of the two or three Wallace girls, none of their descendants were present--they married Dodges!! I believe their line is Dodge, Veatch, et al.
            The cemetery at Rocks Springs Church, both Baptist and Cumberland Presbyterian, are now clean and in good shape. The area looks like a national park. Old Rev. John Withers (1811-1858) would be proud as well as Mr. Thompson, the grantor of the school and church lot--way back in early 19th century. Now the Wallace clan (from Texas to California) is going to work on Granny's Hill,- up near the three new Hudson's chicken houses.

            I  hope  Wheatcroft  and  Blackford will pitch in to help clean up the very early burial ground.  Also, the Curry cemetery in Blackford area is next on the agenda.

            There was some discussion of making the next meeting a Wallace-Curry-Kuykendall get together.

            Harry Kuykendall was present and his Wallace connection is through William Featherstone Kuykendall--son of old Simon Kuykendall (death 1843). He married a Wallace.

            I visited the new golf course at the Sturgis airport grounds.  I was surprised to find a driving range, two descendants of Simeon Kuykendall on the grounds work ing. The golf course is built on land owned by old Simeon Kuykendall from 1837. to 1844 and his heirs thereafter. Simeon Kuykendall is listed in the old 1810 census of Hen derson (Union County), Kentucky.
            Aside from Kuykendalls and Wallaces, I spoke with Mr. Cook, a descendant of a daughter   of   Simeon Kuykendall.  It seems that Simeon Kuykendall married a Thompson lady and she died; and then he married her sister. By the second wife there were a good many children. Some married Smallwoods.

            As for old Wallaces, none are buried in the old Pythian Ridge (Christian Church) church burial ground that we know of.

            It seems the Wallace's buried their own in family tracts and plots. Most of the Wallaces and Kuykendalls fought for the south in the war of northern aggression. Harry Kuykendall boys and father fought with General Forest or Wheeler or ?. I wonder who took care of the home front and the farms? I suspect the women were stalwart. I asked Harry Kuykendall where the Kuykendall's gpt their red hair-- he said Herrons and ______ over near the Ashland Church. I knew the Ashland Church grounds were haunted--but there were Saints there galore. Tread lightly on the old grave yards and the burial grounds. The Wallaces and Kuykendalls will get you if you don't watch out. And don't run across Lucy Curry. She survived two husbands and bossed S. McGill around until she died.  First was Elijah Wallace and second Stephen Williams.

            There are old tales and sayings that sometimes carry the old times forward and illumine the past.

            Grandma Nancy Wallace (Wynns married name) said that as a girl during the Civil War in February of 1862, she could hear the cannon firing at Ft. Donelson on the Cumberland River.  I do not know where she was when she heard the firing.

            Nancy Wallace's (Wynns') mother died when she was five years old; her mother had been Nancy Williams and she had been courted by Robert P. Wallace at the Mt. Ephraim Cumberland  Presbyterian Campground. They were both Cumberland Presbyterian's. Miss Williams' father had.been Stephen Williams, the second husband  of Lucy Curry (Wallace and Williams).

            Also, before the surrender at Ft. Donelson, Nancy Wallace (Grandma Nack) said that their cousin rode out of Ft. Donelson on the back of a Clay bank mule with General Forest and did not surrender to the Yankees.

            While Nancy Wallace was living with her Aunt and Uncle Williams down in the Pond Fork country, the Yankee soldiers came through and asked that she cut the ham and fry them some ham. Nancy Wallace cut the ham, spit on the frying pan, threw the fresh cut ham. in and said. "Now eat the ham, you Yankee's" She could have gotten herself shot or imprisoned but she did not get hurt. As one can tell, she was against the war of northern aggression.

            Her  Aunt  and Uncle Williams raised her from age 5 to her marriage time.  She learned to cook from her people, Williams', but she used lots of butter td season her cooking.  Years ago I recall my family saying, "Why, so and  so  cooks just like Grandma Nack--uses a lot of butter."

            Grandma. Nack (Nancy Wallace) married Rev. W. W. Wynns and he was a big Cumberland Presbyterian preacher. She was a dyed-in-the wool Southerner and Cumberland Presbyterian Church member.

            Her husband, W.  W. Wynns, would leave home for weeks--preaching  in  a Cumberland  revival,  and Grandma Nack would have to manage the farm, the cattle and the horses.

            She had four boys--R. E. Bill--better known as Wild Bill Wynns, Steve Wynns, and Dr. John Wynns.  She had three girls--Sally, who married Uncle Joe Kuykendall, and Gertrude who married Watkins, and Lucy Wytins who married Mr. Bill White.

            Grandma Nack (Wallace) owned 600 acres of the Williams land through her mother, Nancy Williams. She sold her land and invested it in  the Wynn Land.  When old Rev. W. W. Wynn died, most thought him a pauper, but he left a $1O,000.00 insurance
paid for each of his children.

            My grandfather, R. E. Wynns, once said in my presence,  Nina Sue (my mother) Was very much like his mother.  He never explained what he said.

            I wrote this to conclude the old Wallace reunion.

            I know less of my Benjarnin Wallace Side--as that was my grandmother's side.  She proclaimed proudly that she was a brown-eyed Wallace. She belittled the blue-eyed Wallaces. Why, I don't know. They were all from old Samuel Wallace and Nancy Hardin.

            Miss Sue Wallace (Payne) was a brown-eyed Wallace. She was a Baptist and knew her  Wallace lineage. She said to me years ago to go visit the old Ben Wallace burial land out on Kentucky 270. She said she was raised out there.  Dora Wallace (Syers)-was a loyal Wallace from the Ben Wallace side. Julia Wallace, now an attorney in Louisville, was my  secretary and book editor for several years. Her mother and father were at the Wallace reunion on June 27, 1998.

Grandma Nack Wallace (Wynn) was a short woman; consequently you can tell her short descendants. Also, I think it most stems from Lucy Cook Curry's genes way back there. But that is just a guess.
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