Updated RoboChef XML

for use with RoboChef 1.6.X

Here is my current incarnation of the RoboChef XML file for version 1.6. This version is now unsupported. DO NOT use this with 1.7 or 1.8 beta below.

Updated XML File

RoboChef 1.8.2

No longer a beta. It didnt destroy anything, so I'm infllicting it upon the public at large. I had to edit some recipes and make some more spam filter changes, but the code looks good. I need to get this out so I can get to work on the next rev. I really need to start migrating to the 2.0 architecture as well. This will make releases unnecessary for simple updates to the formula and spam filter.

New Option: Minimize Spam
    This option attempts to stop the spam RoboChef generates while making items. If RoboChef is working(actively making stuff), and this option is selected, it will supress the 'You make' messages', the 'you heal yourself' messages, the 'stamina elixir restores' messages, and will only echo important information such as having to stop due to lack of comps to the chat window.

It may not catch all phrases yet. I have over a dozen defined already, but I'm sure there are more. Tell me if you get any green messages related to robochef actions while making items with this option selected. I will need the exact phrase, so please cut and paste it to the support forums so I can squash it.

New Tab: AutoTell

     Something that's been on my list of 'wants' for a long time before I got my hands on the source code is a way for RoboChef to handle buffs. This is one option, and its well suited to every crafter because it doesnt require you to have any magics trained at all. AutoTell will allow you to have RoboChef request buffs at a regular interval from a friendly bot.

    To set it up, simply enter the bot's name, and the exact text to send to get a buffset that covers your needs. I default the fields to telling Yew Wan Sum "megamule", which covers every possible spell for a crafter. After you enter the name and text, enter the interval in minutes between tells. I recommend 55, but I let the user edit this in case they are using a VI's bot, or their bot eventually gets an augmentation gem, etc. You cannot set the interval below 5 minutes. The potential for abuse is too high to allow more than one target or allow smaller intervals. Once all the fields have been entered, click on (Re)Set Interval. This will set the information given, save it to the config file, and set the "time until next tell" to zero. If UseAutoTell is selected, it will immediately request buffs and set the next tell to Interval minutes from now. When you log in, the timer will be set to 55 minutes as a default(to prevent you spamming requests every time you log on), but you can just click the (Re)Set Interval button to sync up immediately.

    Initially, I had it so that AutoTell only works if you actively making stuff, but I decided to let it work at any time in order to allow for its use on tinkerbots, trade bots, or anything else that may have a need for asking for buffs at a regular interval.

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