The LIBRARY directory contains the source tree and makefiles used to create NSAPLOT and related library files.

Library Categories

Value Description
libNSA Routines specifically for NSAPLOT
lib2zebra Routines specifically for NSAPLOT to convert files to and from zebra format
libJSU Generic FORTRAN 77 and C routines
libvogle VOGLE graphics library
libvopl Simpy XY-axis and plot routines that call the VOGLE graphics library
libnogle supplements to basic VOGLE graphics
hershey generate Hershey stroked font data for VOGLE graphics
libusteam ASME-67 Steam Table library
libwif97 WIF-97 Steam Table library
makefiles make(1) files for building the libraries
libkon ESBU routines used for configuration control
EXE Main program sources