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(Regression testing)

numdiff(1): Detect numeric changes in output files

John S. Urban (last change: Nov. 2013)

numdiff(1): A simple Fortran program for comparing two files for numeric differences. Typically used to detect changes in results in ported or recompiled routines.

numdiff  -old FILENAME 
         -new FILENAME 
	 [-percent REAL_VALUE|-digits N]

numdiff(1) is a small utility that assumes two text files are basically identical except for numeric values, and finds differences that exceed a specified tolerance.

It is assumed that file widths are less than 264 characters; and numbers are delimited by spaces.

This program was originally written to simplify the comparison of values generated by new versions of numeric libraries to previous versions of the libraries; which up to that point was done by extensive spot‐ checking of printed values by eye.


  1. call all your library routines over their allowed ranges and print the input and output values to a large file on your original system. Save this file as your master QA template.
  2. When you port the library to another system or recompile using a new compiler run this QA program again and save the second file.
  3. run the numdiff(1) program:
          numdiff -old MASTER_TEMPLATE_FILE -new NEW_OUTPUT_FILE -percent 0.0001


This program has only changed cosmetically in several decades. I first wrote it intending to merge it in with a program called COMPARE that is similar to the Unix diff(1) command and to allow many other options; yet I found this version adequate and never went further. My primary purpose was to be able to generate a QA program for numeric routines that would let me quickly detect numeric differences in results when I ported to a new compiler or system. This source has satisfied that need time and again.


  numdiff -old cray_results.txt -new cygwin_results.txt -percent 0.00001

A diff(1) of the following input files would show every line, as one uses the "E" prefix for exponents, while the other uses "D". Even when a diff(1) would show few lines, you have to inspect each difference to see how large a difference in value was found. Using numdiff(1) you can ignore most insignificant differences.


numdiff -old in1 -new in2 -percent 0.0000001
        | *numdiff* numerical differences
        | old file=in1
        | new file=in2
        | percent threshold =  0.1E-006 (%)
old     |    0.32000000E+02    0.88589141E-01   -0.17863993E-01   -0.36879559E-04    0.16022057E-01    0.31990327E+02
       8|                                       ###############   ###############                                    
new     |    0.32000000D+02    0.88589141D-01   -0.17863994D-01   -0.36879562D-04    0.16022057D-01    0.31990327D+02
>>>>>>>>|maximum difference =.81345875138179356E-005(%)

This indicates values did not pass on line 8. "#" characters underline the values.

Input file "cray_results.txt"


1          T,PSL(T),HSL(T),SSL(T),VSL(T),TSLH(H)
0         PMIN=    0.885891E-01    PMAX=    0.320823E+04    DELP=    0.100000E+03
          TMIN=    0.320000E+02    TMAX=    0.705470E+03    DELT=    0.200000E+02
    0.32000000E+02    0.88589141E-01   -0.17863993E-01   -0.36879559E-04    0.16022057E-01    0.31990327E+02
    0.40000000E+02    0.12163360E+00    0.80272719E+01    0.16194175E-01    0.16018940E-01    0.40003431E+02
    0.60000000E+02    0.25611401E+00    0.28059533E+02    0.55503370E-01    0.16033165E-01    0.60005984E+02
    0.80000000E+02    0.50682853E+00    0.48036541E+02    0.93222577E-01    0.16071928E-01    0.79998151E+02
    0.10000000E+03    0.94923553E+00    0.67998872E+02    0.12954114E+00    0.16129956E-01    0.99994830E+02
    0.12000000E+03    0.16927366E+01    0.87966229E+02    0.16459153E+00    0.16204270E-01    0.11999684E+03
    0.14000000E+03    0.28891787E+01    0.10794963E+03    0.19847772E+00    0.16293096E-01    0.14000080E+03
    0.16000000E+03    0.47413557E+01    0.12795766E+03    0.23128914E+00    0.16395272E-01    0.16000351E+03
    0.18000000E+03    0.75110274E+01    0.14799946E+03    0.26310734E+00    0.16510005E-01    0.18000351E+03
    0.20000000E+03    0.11526035E+02    0.16808606E+03    0.29400880E+00    0.16636808E-01    0.20000116E+03
    0.22000000E+03    0.17186197E+02    0.18823058E+03    0.32406594E+00    0.16775474E-01    0.21999785E+03
    0.24000000E+03    0.24967794E+02    0.20844802E+03    0.35334719E+00    0.16926045E-01    0.23999513E+03
    0.26000000E+03    0.35426601E+02    0.22875486E+03    0.38191689E+00    0.17088786E-01    0.25999384E+03
    0.28000000E+03    0.49199533E+02    0.24916873E+03    0.40983516E+00    0.17264170E-01    0.27999361E+03
    0.30000000E+03    0.67005075E+02    0.26970823E+03    0.43715817E+00    0.17452875E-01    0.29999280E+03
    0.32000000E+03    0.89642735E+02    0.29039297E+03    0.46393855E+00    0.17655789E-01    0.31998899E+03
    0.34000000E+03    0.11799178E+03    0.31124389E+03    0.49022610E+00    0.17874025E-01    0.33998018E+03
    0.36000000E+03    0.15300954E+03    0.33228370E+03    0.51606862E+00    0.18108958E-01    0.35996652E+03
    0.38000000E+03    0.19572950E+03    0.35353750E+03    0.54151277E+00    0.18362259E-01    0.38000205E+03
    0.40000000E+03    0.24725940E+03    0.37509279E+03    0.56667770E+00    0.18637646E-01    0.40003002E+03
    0.42000000E+03    0.30877960E+03    0.39689616E+03    0.59150311E+00    0.18935141E-01    0.41998032E+03
    0.44000000E+03    0.38154169E+03    0.41902722E+03    0.61609004E+00    0.19258996E-01    0.43998928E+03
    0.46000000E+03    0.46686778E+03    0.44153583E+03    0.64049662E+00    0.19613160E-01    0.46000991E+03
    0.48000000E+03    0.56615075E+03    0.46448172E+03    0.66478705E+00    0.20002609E-01    0.48002037E+03
    0.50000000E+03    0.68085599E+03    0.48793750E+03    0.68903400E+00    0.20433708E-01    0.50001633E+03
    0.52000000E+03    0.81252603E+03    0.51199311E+03    0.71332237E+00    0.20914751E-01    0.52000390E+03
    0.54000000E+03    0.96279001E+03    0.53676266E+03    0.73775486E+00    0.21456790E-01    0.53999326E+03
    0.56000000E+03    0.11333816E+04    0.56239502E+03    0.76246065E+00    0.22074947E-01    0.55999280E+03
    0.58000000E+03    0.13261708E+04    0.58909059E+03    0.78760893E+00    0.22790623E-01    0.58000418E+03
    0.60000000E+03    0.15432192E+04    0.61712901E+03    0.81343122E+00    0.23635444E-01    0.60001858E+03
    0.62000000E+03    0.17868695E+04    0.64691984E+03    0.84026231E+00    0.24659110E-01    0.62001710E+03
    0.64000000E+03    0.20598878E+04    0.67911317E+03    0.86863104E+00    0.25947611E-01    0.63998803E+03
    0.66000000E+03    0.23656783E+04    0.71493433E+03    0.89954128E+00    0.27678770E-01    0.66001396E+03
    0.68000000E+03    0.27085898E+04    0.75845725E+03    0.93651903E+00    0.30369395E-01    0.68000016E+03
    0.70000000E+03    0.30943291E+04    0.82243999E+03    0.99006883E+00    0.36618048E-01    0.70000112E+03
    0.70547000E+03    0.32082348E+04    0.90600741E+03    0.10611600E+01    0.50778529E-01    0.00000000E+00
0         SUM=  0.6353636479732371E+05

Input file "cygwin_results.txt"


1          T,PSL(T),HSL(T),SSL(T),VSL(T),TSLH(H)
0         PMIN=    0.885891E-01    PMAX=    0.320823E+04    DELP=    0.100000E+03
          TMIN=    0.320000E+02    TMAX=    0.705470E+03    DELT=    0.200000E+02
    0.32000000D+02    0.88589141D-01   -0.17863994D-01   -0.36879562D-04    0.16022057D-01    0.31990327D+02
    0.40000000D+02    0.12163360D+00    0.80272719D+01    0.16194175D-01    0.16018940D-01    0.40003431D+02
    0.60000000D+02    0.25611401D+00    0.28059533D+02    0.55503370D-01    0.16033165D-01    0.60005984D+02
    0.80000000D+02    0.50682853D+00    0.48036541D+02    0.93222577D-01    0.16071928D-01    0.79998151D+02
    0.10000000D+03    0.94923553D+00    0.67998872D+02    0.12954114D+00    0.16129956D-01    0.99994830D+02
    0.12000000D+03    0.16927366D+01    0.87966229D+02    0.16459153D+00    0.16204270D-01    0.11999684D+03
    0.14000000D+03    0.28891787D+01    0.10794963D+03    0.19847772D+00    0.16293096D-01    0.14000080D+03
    0.16000000D+03    0.47413557D+01    0.12795766D+03    0.23128914D+00    0.16395272D-01    0.16000351D+03
    0.18000000D+03    0.75110274D+01    0.14799946D+03    0.26310734D+00    0.16510005D-01    0.18000351D+03
    0.20000000D+03    0.11526035D+02    0.16808606D+03    0.29400880D+00    0.16636808D-01    0.20000116D+03
    0.22000000D+03    0.17186197D+02    0.18823058D+03    0.32406594D+00    0.16775474D-01    0.21999785D+03
    0.24000000D+03    0.24967794D+02    0.20844802D+03    0.35334719D+00    0.16926045D-01    0.23999513D+03
    0.26000000D+03    0.35426601D+02    0.22875486D+03    0.38191689D+00    0.17088786D-01    0.25999384D+03
    0.28000000D+03    0.49199533D+02    0.24916873D+03    0.40983516D+00    0.17264170D-01    0.27999361D+03
    0.30000000D+03    0.67005075D+02    0.26970823D+03    0.43715817D+00    0.17452875D-01    0.29999280D+03
    0.32000000D+03    0.89642735D+02    0.29039297D+03    0.46393855D+00    0.17655789D-01    0.31998899D+03
    0.34000000D+03    0.11799178D+03    0.31124389D+03    0.49022610D+00    0.17874025D-01    0.33998018D+03
    0.36000000D+03    0.15300954D+03    0.33228370D+03    0.51606862D+00    0.18108958D-01    0.35996652D+03
    0.38000000D+03    0.19572950D+03    0.35353750D+03    0.54151277D+00    0.18362259D-01    0.38000205D+03
    0.40000000D+03    0.24725940D+03    0.37509279D+03    0.56667770D+00    0.18637646D-01    0.40003002D+03
    0.42000000D+03    0.30877960D+03    0.39689616D+03    0.59150311D+00    0.18935141D-01    0.41998032D+03
    0.44000000D+03    0.38154169D+03    0.41902722D+03    0.61609004D+00    0.19258996D-01    0.43998928D+03
    0.46000000D+03    0.46686778D+03    0.44153583D+03    0.64049662D+00    0.19613160D-01    0.46000991D+03
    0.48000000D+03    0.56615075D+03    0.46448172D+03    0.66478705D+00    0.20002609D-01    0.48002037D+03
    0.50000000D+03    0.68085599D+03    0.48793750D+03    0.68903400D+00    0.20433708D-01    0.50001633D+03
    0.52000000D+03    0.81252603D+03    0.51199311D+03    0.71332237D+00    0.20914751D-01    0.52000390D+03
    0.54000000D+03    0.96279001D+03    0.53676266D+03    0.73775486D+00    0.21456790D-01    0.53999326D+03
    0.56000000D+03    0.11333816D+04    0.56239502D+03    0.76246065D+00    0.22074947D-01    0.55999280D+03
    0.58000000D+03    0.13261708D+04    0.58909059D+03    0.78760893D+00    0.22790623D-01    0.58000418D+03
    0.60000000D+03    0.15432192D+04    0.61712901D+03    0.81343122D+00    0.23635444D-01    0.60001858D+03
    0.62000000D+03    0.17868695D+04    0.64691984D+03    0.84026231D+00    0.24659110D-01    0.62001710D+03
    0.64000000D+03    0.20598878D+04    0.67911317D+03    0.86863104D+00    0.25947611D-01    0.63998803D+03
    0.66000000D+03    0.23656783D+04    0.71493433D+03    0.89954128D+00    0.27678770D-01    0.66001396D+03
    0.68000000D+03    0.27085898D+04    0.75845725D+03    0.93651903D+00    0.30369395D-01    0.68000016D+03
    0.70000000D+03    0.30943291D+04    0.82243999D+03    0.99006883D+00    0.36618048D-01    0.70000112D+03
    0.70547000D+03    0.32082348D+04    0.90600741D+03    0.10611600D+01    0.50778529D-01    0.00000000D+00
0         SUM=  0.6353636479675987E+05

Source Code

A self-contained copy of the code including the command argument parsing module is in numdiff_all.f90

Main Code

The main code sans utility routines can be viewed here. You would have to add the command-argument parsing routines to this code or replace it with something equivalent like a read of a NAMELIST file.