This graffiti-style pen recognition demo requires a browser that supports the <canvas> element.
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Javascript Graffiti version 0.1, 2005-09-26

Copyright (c) 2005, Julien Couvreur; Released under the GPL license

version 0.2, 2008-03-01, John Urban

version 0.3, 2010-07-08, John Urban

This tantalizing script reads mouse motions and recognizes what letters you drew in a way very reminiscent of my first Palm Pilot (but it's definitely not exactly the same). Draw a letter with the mouse and see if the script guesses which letter your wrote.

If you have any history with Palm devices, you're probably familiar with the popular "Graffiti" text input method. Graffiti is a handwriting-recognition system that translates strokes made with the Palm stylus into characters, effectively allowing you to type via handwriting.

I made a few changes to Julien Couvreur's work so this would

A better explanation of how this works and how the main algorithm can be improved can be found with the original and the references it points to.

If anyone extends this to do the full character set let me know. Another good thing to do would be to have it echo all the stroke patterns at once as an alphabet so that basically, it generates it's own stroke diagram.

Project homepage. Documentation for the Graffiti alphabet (pdf)


Algorithms for hardwriting recognition; machine learning; pattern recognition