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The ICS was established in 1989 to confront the increasing teaching of evolution in public schools. Through consultation with several national and international religious organizations, we have developed a long-range, comprehensive plan to gradually reintroduce religion into public school science and non-science courses.

Currently, we provide logistical and monetary support for 8 strategies:

1. Donate religious material to schools
By donating materials, religion can maintain a powerful yet unobtrusive presence in class

2. Contribute to the "Intelligent Design" renaming competition
By renaming Creationism, our efforts are a moving target for critical scientists and media

3. Engage an evolutionary biologist
By distracting a scientist from his or her job, you are slowing down evolutionary studies

4. Be proud of your beliefs!
By displaying your beliefs, you will inspire others and intimidate the unfaithful

5. Encourage evolution backers to resign from school boards
By ensuring school boards are composed of religious members, fundamental values will not be eroded

6. Suggest "change over time" instead of "evolution"
By eliminating the "E" word, you send a subtle cue to teachers and students that the evolution is not important

7. Delay the instruction of evolution
By preventing the teaching of evolution to elementary and middle schools, students grow up thinking evolution is a sin

8. Suggest the use of evolution "disclaimers"
Announcements, stickers, inserts, and bookmarks can be used to deliver messages to students

9. Write lesson plans with pro-God themes
Fun, informative science lessons can help teachers do their job (and our job!)

10. Miscellaneous strategies

The next meeting of the ICS working group will be the 23-27 of June, 2005, in Salt Lake City, Utah. We'll be hosted by the Sugarhouse Ward in the valley, but we'll have our main meetings at the Snowbird Lodge in nearby Little Cottonwood Canyon. Individuals interested in attending should contact me as soon as possible.

Sincerely, Roy Vananadel
e-mail: vanandel1@comcast.net

Created July 14, 1996
Last modifed November 26, 2004