Remington XP-100, XR-100, Rem 600/660 and Model 7
                 Integral (One-piece)
Bolt Group Buy $147.00

As of 3/10/2011 you may call your order in to Kathleen at Pacific Tool and Gauge at (541) 826-9244

In a recent phone call, Dave Kiff has agreed to run a batch of his ONE PIECE bolts for the Remington XP-100 (XP100), XR-100 (XR100)
Rem 600/660, and Model 7 actions.(Currently, Pacific offers the one-piece bolts ONLY in Rem 700 SA and LA........) To make it
worthwhile to write the program and do the set-up, he needs a minimum GROUP order of 25 bolts. Price for the integral bolt body/-
threaded handle, will be $147.00. If you want to order everything (complete Bolt) PTG offers all the parts you will need. You need to
use this form to order; either submit it, or to reference it when you call in your order. You can choose your options below, and even
have it fluted (upcharge of $35.00)!

The PTG one piece bolts are available ONLY as right handed! If you need a left hand bolt, contact PTG about a 2-pc. bolt.

Above... Photos of various PTG assemblies:
The bolt with red shroud shows the straight handle with optional fluting and round threaded bolt knob.

(Above: Photo is a PTG Rem 700 SA one-piece bolt with spiral milled fluting, M16 extractor cut.)

XP-100 one piece bolt body, threaded handle. $147.00

Choose Bolt Face:
_________.221 Fireball, .222, .223 family
_________ PPC cartridges
_________.308 (std.)
*These are NOT offered as a cone bolt...PTG does offer it in their two piece bolt however.

Firing Pin Hole Size: (Only factory std. on any PTG 1-pc. bolts)
_________Standard, factory (Allows use of std. Rem. firing pin.)

Extractor Type:
_________Sako (recommended for .222 face and PPC face)
_________M16 (recommended for .308 Standard and for Magnum bolts)

Bolt Diameter:
_________Std. to use in unaltered factory receiver, slightly larger than factory bolt to eliminate "play".
_________* Bolt body can be finished up to approx. .705, ONLY IF your action has been reamed to accept that diameter.

In addition, you can choose to have your bolt fluted for $35.00...6 patterns to choose from ( see PTG website)
_______Large Diamond Ground Fluting
_______Medium Diamond Ground Fluting
_______Small Diamond Ground Fluting
_______Large Spiral Ground Fluting
_______Small Spiral Ground Fluting
_______Milled Fluting

_______Sako Medium Style Extractor Kit, (recommended for .223, PPC bolt face) $21.00
_______Extractor Kit - Mini 16 (recommended for .308 and magnum bolt face) $19.95

XP-100 Firing Pin Assemblies, Shrouds**, etc.
_______XP-100 Aluminum Firing Pin Assembly $52.50
_______XP-100 Steel Firing Pin Assembly $43.99

**Colors Available: (Shroud) Red, Gold, Black, Blue and White (Silver)
*** If you are ordering for a Rem 600/660, or Remington Model 7.... see the PTG site (different shroud).

PTG inventories a complete selection of XP-100 Firing Pins and Springs, and threaded BOLT KNOBS....
write in addtl. parts from their website below.




If anyone has any questions, suggestions, etc. feel free to call me between 8a-9pm Central at (708)398-1506,
please leave a message and I'll return your call ASAP.

Again, all orders will be placed by YOU directly to Pacific Tool and Gauge.

***As of 3/10/2011 you may call your order in to Kathleen at Pacific Tool and Gauge at (541) 826-9244