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Click the link below  for upcoming Cribbage Tournaments and other cribbage events in our area:







Riffle the pack at least 3 times

Cutting the pack:

The pack MUST be cut after the shuffle and before every deal, removing at least 4 cards and leaving at least 4
NO PEEKING at the bottom of the pack when you are cutting for the starter card (2 pooint penalty)
If a card is exposed during the deal, you must redeal

Counting your hand / crib

No aid from an individual or from the use of any material may be used to assist in determining scoring while pegging or counting the hands or crib


When a player's hand is off the peg, the pegging is completed
If a player pegs short of the mark or backwards, the pegs stand as placed
If a player overpegs and is called by the opponent, the peg goes back to the correct hole.  The opponent scores the difference (15 point penalty if you have pegged out from overpegging)

Marking Scorecards:

MUST be in ink!  If you make aan error, get it corrected by a judge or other tournament official.


The ACC has certified 400 judges.  When in doubt about an unusual playing situation, raise your hand and call for a judge


The link below takes you to the complete rules:



Some general cribbage rules (and penalties) for tournament players:

Rule: 2.1- Dealing- Looking at bottom card after shuffle (2 pt penalty) reshuffle.
5.2b- crib cards placed and hand removed no retrieval (2 pt penalty) see 4.4a(1).
6.1b- Starter card, do not exam bottom card of cut (2 pt penalty).
6.1c- If starter card placed in hand and not seen by pone (2 pt penalty) see rule.
6.3- If starter card Jack is not pegged before dealer plays a card the 2 points are forfeit.
7.3- Renege: this should be reviewed a little complicated.
7.4b- Incorredt announcement: this should be reviewed a little complicated.
8.3- If points pegged wrong to disadvantage no correction after fingers removed.
8.5- Improperly removing pegs: this should be reviewed a little complicated.
8.8- Use opponent pegs; Return to former place (2 pt penalty) see rule. 9- Review this for proper procedure.
9.3- Starter card to remain separate during count, if mixed call judge (2 pt penalty) see rule.
9.4- Mixing of cards: his should be reviewed a little complicated.
9.5- No aid in counting of hands.


For more information, contact Mike Sudduth, vashoncribbage@gmail.com, (206) 930-1379