My Contributions to Faery Tale Online
  1. 762 new objects -- originally, there were 404 objects.
  2. 102 new creatures -- originally, there were 52 creatures.
  3. 57 new resources -- including salt, which was my idea. I implemented salt with the belief that it would encourage trade, and from all reports, it did.
  4. A number of new biomes for characters to explore and gather resources from.
  5. Fixed every map location in the game (over 3,000 locations). This was mainly to ensure local resources were balanced (to encourage trade), and to make sure all rivers were connected to each other and led to the ocean. Previously, rivers were not connected.
  6. Added two new large continents to the map and a number of small islands.
  7. Fixed a number of bugged objects which had mismatched tool types and wrong resource requirements.
  8. Suggested the ability to cancel foraging attempts, and a way to queue multiple projects.
  9. Both Wiro and I suggested animal drops and pushed for it to be implemented. We then determined which resources each animal would drop.
  10. Implemented alchemy tools.
  11. Suggested resource decay, which was subsequently implemented.
  12. Suggested immobile objects, which was subsequently implemented.
  13. Suggested changeable titles for documents and buildings, which was subsequently implemented.
  14. Balanced which new features would be applied to which creatures, including stealing, taming, and mounting.
  15. Wrote the formula to determine creature experience based on its attack power and hitpoints.
  16. Identified and reported a bug with world wrapping (moving from one side of the world to the other).
  17. Tested and reported a possible exploit with entrails.
  18. Balanced food and health objects based on time and resource requirements.
  19. Identified and reported a bug with ore vein chance.
  20. Wrote a formula to determine building construction and decay time based on the number of resources required.
  21. Suggested the ability to automatically receive through e-mail a log of the previous day's events, which was subsequently implemented.
  22. Identified and reported a bug with meteorite ore.
  23. Started two in-game colonies, developing both their cultures and religions.
  24. Balanced weapon and armor powers, weights, and material requirements, and implemented new types of weapons, including more finesse weapons such as poison darts, boomerangs, and javelins.
  25. Suggested longer furniture and building description windows, which was subsequently implemented.
  26. Suggested dynamic backgrounds based on local character environment, which was partially implemented.
  27. Investigated the armor bug and suggested a fix for it, which was implemented.
  28. Investigated the creature spawn bug and suggested a fix for it.
  29. Created a mibbit widget for players to use so they could access the IRC.
  30. Created a helpful website for players with a calendar and other useful lists.
  31. Suggested the resource overhaul, which removed many resources that didn't make sense (e.g., lava rocks, geodes) and renamed others (e.g., dye was renamed hypericum, herb was renamed myrrh). Other resources were moved to different biomes.
  32. Implemented a way for characters to "relight" fires instead of having to build new ones. This was a very popular addition.
  33. Suggested the ability to see nearby subbiomes of a region, which was subsequently implemented.
  34. Suggested an ore and mining overhaul so that individual veins of ore could be found, instead of a single ore vein biome.
  35. Suggested shooting stars, which were subsequently implemented.
  36. Created a weight standard for all metallic objects, and balanced ore requirements based on their rarity.
  37. Created guidelines and suggested ideas for legendary creatures and megabeasts for mystery quest purposes.
  38. Investigated security flaws in FTO, interviewed people to determine how they were able to exploit the game, and reported these findings to the GMs.
  39. Developed a new, interactive climate system which would have enabled seasons, weather magic, and changeable biomes.
  40. Suggested adding healing capabilites to food, and the ability to add negative-healing items, which were implemented.
  41. Wrote the original mystery quests, which prompted being invited into Content Development in the first place. I did not write the Garrak event; none of my quests were ever actually done.
  42. Spoke to players and made a catalog of every single deity, spirit, and religion in the game. This information was to be used for prayers and mystery quests. Even though I was allowed to read characters' prayers, I was never given the ability to act on any of the information I learned.
There's more than this, but since I can't view my own posts on the development forums anymore, I won't be able to remind myself what they were.

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