My Time with FTO
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This page's purpose is to explain why I am no longer involved with the game, and why I continue to maintain this website even after being removed from Faery Tale Online.

On June 15, 2010, without any previous indication of a problem, I was suddenly relieved of all duties. It was a very devastating blow; I enjoyed being the Content Developer for FTO. I liked finding new ways to do things, and I liked solving problems. I liked answering your questions, and when I made changes, I made an effort to let you know in advance and to explain how and why the changes were being made. I did all of these things because I cared about FTO, and I wanted to make sure you had fun.

I had been with the game ever since it started on January 23, 2009, and I was the third person born. I wrote a list of Mystery Quest suggestions; because of these and my other work, I was eventually asked to be Content Developer. I started that on October 27, 2009. At first, I added and edited creatures, resources, and items, but as time went by, my duties were increased to editing the world map, reading characters' prayers, moderating the forums, and handling complaints.

I believe that I could have been the public face of FTO: running fun quests, answering questions, implementing suggestions, and taking complaints so that others could focus on their work. It was not to be.

The reason I made this page is because I wanted you to see my contributions to Faery Tale Online, and a timeline of all the events that led up to my abrupt departure. All of my additions and changes were made not only with you in mind, but also the concept of a better FTO. I didn't always agree with you, and you didn't always agree with me, but I always tried to be honest. I poured my love and labor into FTO, and I lost everything. With this page, I can help you understand why I feel the way I do, and maybe you'll feel that way, too.

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