Vic and Hallie's Gluten Free Baking

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This site was originally created to share the results of a series of experiments using a new bread additive that was supposed to improve the texture of gluten free bread. The original goal of posting only bread recipes became a bit warped, and now Hallie and Vic are posting gluten free recipes that are either family favorites or extremely interesting gluten free baking experiments. 

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Yeast breads
Bread loaves
  Amaranth - Flax bread Tastes like whole grain bread
  Ancient Grains Bread (Another delicious bread with a whole-grain taste and aroma)
  Challah - dairy version
  Challah - non-dairy version
  Dutch Crunch and Cinnamon Loaf
  Easy garlic and rosemary focaccia

Gourmet focaccia

  Hamburger or Deli Buns
  Honey-Oat Loaf
  Olive Baguettes
  Oat loaf for sandwiches or rolls
  Onion Bread with Potatoes and Oats
  Portuguese Corn Bread - Paõ de Milho (Broa) My version
  Potato Oatmeal Bread

Quinoa bread loaf or Oatmeal bread loaf


Soft textured and mild flavored white bread


Sorghum-Buckwheat bread

  Spicy Herb Bread

High Protein White Bread

  High Protein White Bread with Steel Cut Oats
  Yeasty Beer Bread
  Yeasty Corn Bread
  Whole grain Oatmeal bread
  Oat-millet pizza and focaccia Worth the time and effort. Wakes up your taste buds.

Pizza crust or foccaccia Like the pizza you used to have at your pizzeria


Pizza crust - focaccia-like Makes a good deep dish pizza

  Pizza fatto di grano saraceno Pizza with a buckwheat crust
  Quick beer pizza crust or Focaccia
  Rolled pizza crust Make it thin or thick with ease
  Two types of pizza crust One basic recipe based on Annalise Roberts' recipes in Gourmet
Rolls and small breads
  Cinnamon Rolls and and sweet rich dough
  Crumpets two ways
  Easy dinner rolls

English Muffins or Pizza Rounds

  Greek style pita

Honeycomb buns


Millet-Sorghum Rolls and Ciabatta

  Pane alle Olive (Olive bread rolls)
  Peanut Rolls (Uses peanut flour)
  Pita (Middle Eastern Style on the Barbeque)

Pizza breadstick (grissini - hard breadsticks)

  Pizza breadsticks (Soft and chewy)
  Potato rolls (also cinnamon rolls)
  Rich Dinner Rolls (Redux)
  Soft pretzels
  Commonly reported GF bread flops (Buckwheat flavored white bread)

Carol Fenster's Public Domain GF French Bread or White Bread Loaf


About experimenting with Expandex to improve texture of gluten free breads

  Comparison of two gluten free recipes and commercial GF bread (Using Expandex - initial testing)

Expandex manufacturer's Website


Quick breads, pancakes, waffles (baking powder and baking soda)
Banana muffin bread
Beer bread
Corn bread (Northern Style)
Corn Quinoa Oat Buckwheat pancakes (freezes and re-heats really well)
Cranberry Orange Muffins
Giant Soda Muffins from Bon Appétit - make them not so giant
Mini Pumpkin Muffins
Molten Caramel Muffins
Pumpkin Bread
Sage & Honey Corn Bread


Desserts - Cookies and Cakes
  Apple Upside down Cake
  Apricot or Apple cake - Apricots in the summer and apples in the winter

Armenian yogurt spice cake

  Blueberry snacking cake
Chocolate Cakes
  Rich Dense Chocolate Cake
  Sour Cream Chocolate Cake - with a tender crumb
  Gingerbread cake
  Honey Cake - For festival celebrations
  Jelly Roll
  Lemon Cake - Rich cake. Unleavened and OK for Passover
  Maple cake (with or without chocolate)
  Mini Orange Sponge Cakes
  Orange Cake
  Peanut Butter and Jelly Fudge Cake
  Spiced Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Layer Cake
Tropical Spice Cake
  Cape Cod Oatmeal Cookies - Uses Quinoa flakes
  Chocolate chip cookies
  Chocolate Fudge Cookies and/or Maple-Oatmeal Cookies
  Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti

Hamantaschen - uses limited amount of Expandex

  Egg Kichel - Passover and the rest of the year
  Jelly-nut Kindle
  Rugelach - Passover and rest of the year
  Oatmeal Raisin Cookies - Two very different recipes
  Apple Pandowdy - Skillet Apple Pie
  Apple Pie with traditional crust and crumb topping
  Cranberry or other fruit surprise pie Makes its own crust.
  Oatmeal Chocolate Surprise Pie - decadent and rich. Makes it own crust.
  Pumpkin pie with easy to make crust
  Baked spice doughnuts


Other baked goodies

Blue corn crackers and other cracker flavors

Granola bars
Granola for breakfast


Gluten-free but not baked (defies classification)
Blintzes - Cheese-filled crepes
Chinese Island Salad Dressing (à la Lazy Acres - Santa Barbara)
Ginger pudding with grilled figs
Oat Pilav

Quinoa and Lentils

Salpicon de quinua o de avena Quinoa or oat mixed salad


Passover foods

Apple Pandowdy - Skillet Apple Pie

Banana Cake with optional chocolate chips or Apple Cake with pecans
Charoset Bars
Charoset - red
Egg Kichel
Lemon Cake
Seder Plate Soup
Spicy sponge cake