Yeasty Beer Bread

This bread is a relative of Quick Beer Pizza Dough although it it is a complete bread. This particular batch was made with Redbridge, but you can use your favorite beer. If you don't like beer then you will probably want to try a different recipe. The beer gives the bread an interesting sour flavor. Accordingly, it is not good with all types of food. For some reason, it works well with red currant preserves. But it also works with most types of cheese. You might also try putting cheese inside the bread.

Yeasty Beer Bread
Measure Amount Ingredient
6 Tablespoons Sweet rice flour
3+1 Cups+Tablespoon Your favorite gluten free flour. We used a mixture of Bette Haggman's 4 flour bean mix (like Bob's Red Mill) and Carol Fenster's corn-sorghum mix.
1 Packet Instant yeast (prefer SAF) or 2-1/4 teaspoons bulk yeast
2 Tablespoons Rice bran
1 Tablespoon Corn meal
1 Tablespoon Flax seed meal
3 Teaspoons Xanthan gum or a 50%-50% mixture of xanthan and guar gums
1 Teaspoon Baking powder
4 Tablespoon Sugar
1 Teaspoon Kosher salt
2 Tablespoons Extra virgin olive oil
10 Ounces Redbridge or your favorite gluten free beer at room temperature (Add additional beer by the tablespoon if the dough is too thick.)
3 Tablespoons (Optional) Grated flavorful cheese like parmesan or romano
    Corn meal to dust the pan
    Olive oil to spray on top prior to rising

Prepare a 9" X 5" bread pan by coating it with butter or margarine or butter and then sprinkling corn meal on the bottom and sides.

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl and then pour into the work bowl of a stand mixer. Add the liquid ingredients, and mix on high for two minutes. Scrape the dough into the bread pan and spray the top with olive oil.

Allow the dough to rise until it is doubled in bulk. About 15 minutes before you are ready to bake the bread, preheat the oven to 375° F. Spray the bread again with olive oil. Bake for approximately 40 minutes, or until a stainless steel cake tester comes out clean or until the internal temperature of the bread is more than 200° F but less than or equal to 210° F. Allow the bread to completely cool. Slice. May be frozen.