Internet Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Dark, chocolatey, dense and easy to make. We took this cake (the frosted one below) to a dinner party and people raved. They didn't care that it was gluten free and loved every bite.

The provenance of this cake is lost, at least by us. We got it "somewhere on the internet", hence the title for this cake. Maybe you know its origin, and in that case please let us know and we'll give proper credit. According to the author's notes, this was his girlfriend's [non gluten-free] recipe. The author just substituted gluten free flour and xanthan gum. We prefer to use guar gum in cake recipes based on the lead from Analise Roberts.

The gluten free cake recipe is similar to conventional wheat based recipes for a boiling water cake. Two similar ones (non gluten free) can be found in About.Com or All Recipes, although the All Recipes version is much richer with twice as many eggs and butter. The About.Com recipe uses more sugar and less cocoa by proportion. The bottom line is that you can very likely tune up the recipe to meet your taste.

If you wish, you can frost the cake with a poured chocolate frosting and a filling in the middle. The recipe for the frosting/filling is also included.

Store unused cake in the refrigerator. Refresh slices by placing them in the microwave on high for 10 seconds. Cake will be slightly warm and the filling on the inside will become soft. Frosting on the top will not be melted.

You may also be interested in looking at the sour cream chocolate cake recipe as well; however, it is a very different cake - much lighter in texture and flavor. This one is high octane chocolate!

Notes on variations:

Makes one 9" X 13" X 2" cake or two 9" diameter cakes or 2 8" X 8" cakes. Grease the pans, or optionally, grease and apply parchment paper to the bottom. If you wish, you can dust the greased pan with cocoa to enhance release. Preheat oven to 350° F.

Chocolate cake
Amount Measure Ingredient
2 Cups Your favorite gluten free flour
2 Cups White sugar (see notes above)
1 Cup Cocoa (see notes above)
1 teaspoon Guar gum (see notes above)
1 stick Butter (or margarine, or crisco, etc.)
2 teaspoons Baking powder
2 teaspoons Baking soda
2 cups Boiling water (see notes above)
2 Large Eggs
2 teaspoons Vanilla extract
1/3 - 1/2 cup Chopped 70% cocao chocolate (optional)
1 teaspoon Salt (We left it out since we used salted butter.)
Amount Measure Ingredient
Chocolate Frosting and Filling
2 Tablespoons Butter or margarine
1 teaspoon Vanilla extract
1-1/2 Cups Confectioners sugar
1/4 Cup Cocoa (see bulleted notes above)
6+ Tablespoons 1% Milk
2 One ounce Squares unsweetened baking chocolate

Frosts one top and fills one layer.

Our resident critic, Youngest Daughter, took her first bite last night, and nearly swooned. OMG was her expression. Vic has designated me as the question answerer this time. so bring them on. i stand ready.