PB&J Fudge Cake

PB&J Fudge Cake
What you see is what is left after the company demolished the cake: "Yes, it's a bit rich, but can I have another slice?"
Notice the olallaberry preserves just on top of the peanut butter layer. Preserves are not mixed into the peanut butter filling it only looks like it is mixed in, but it is a result from slicing the cake.


This is not intended to be a lesson on how to modify recipes in magazines and newspapers, but the modification was so easy and the result so good that it makes sense to share it. — Hallie


Here is a rich cake recipe from a reliable source: The Bakers Catalogue from King Arthur Flour. Rich cakes are easy to modify and they have enough substance to accept GF flour. Modification instructions below.


Fudge Cake Recipe


Follow recipe as is excpt for the following changes: