Red Charoset


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Every year we have a traditional seder plate and then a themed seder plate. This year our theme was red--for the Red Sea. Some of the items took a little imagination to produce. For the shankbone we used red honey sticks and for the spring green we used red chard. We used a plastic red egg for the roasted egg but we could have hard boiled an egg in beet juice just as easily. This is our surprisingly wonderful take on red charoset. There is no measuring involved. We did have a few limits placed on the concoction--one guest is alcohol free, one is allergic to cranberries, and 2 do NOT like raisins. So here is what we did.

Dice or mince with a knife:
dried cherries (we used 4 different kinds of dried cherries)
dried dragon fruit slices
dried tomato slices (not packed in oil)
radishes for crunch
fresh strawberries - add the liquid that is created as you mince them
fresh red grapes (we used seeded red globes and red crimsons) - add the liquid also.
some paprika
some cayenne
a shake of cinnamon
some sugar to taste

Mix together, cover and refrigerate for a day. The juices from the strawberries and grapes will be absorbed by the dried fruits and make a really moist compote. This is thick enough to stay on matzoh (GF of course) and thin enough to put on top of sponge cake or blintzes.