Rights and Responsibilities of the Prince


There is no universal code of princely conduct.Aside from the loose interpretation of the Old Ways, a prince is free to govern his domain as he sees fit.However, a princeís rule is measured by, and depends upon the power and influence he wields over his vassals.In some cases a prince, the prince is nothing but a figure head, powerless to effect any changes unless he has the support of his elders.Then there are princes who stand like tyrants, ruling with impunity and calling blood hunts on any who whisper against them.Most princesí lies some where between these extremes, secure in their influence, knowing that the threat of violence and censure is often all that is needed to keep the peace.This game however is a dangerous one to play, for complacency has been the downfall of many a prince.

Rights, as prince, a cainite is entitled to the following rights:

       Destruction:Only the prince can destroy (or order the destruction of) another cainite.Princes hold the power of Final Death over their vassals as ultimate proof of their claim to princedom.

       Siring:According to the Old Ways, only the prince is allowed to sire freely, while other cainites must first ask permission.Those who donít, or who disobey, are destroyed.

       Domain:Any Cainite within the domain of a prince effectively becomes a vassal of that prince.The prince is also within his right to assign and bequeath domain to those who are loyal as regards or even as bribes in return for their support.

       Feeding:It is the price who establishes feeding grounds and any rules associated with its practice (only by the light of the moon, after a certain hour, no killing and so on.).


Duties, The title of prince obliges the Cainite to meet certain expectations and fulfill certain duties.Those who ignore their responsibilities quickly find themselves with support and facing an angry populace.The responsibilities of a prince include:

       Upholding the Old Ways:The Old ways grand a prince charter, but this charter requires the prince to uphold and enforce all the Traditions of Caine.Complacent princes can only hope to rule through force if they fail to adhere to the Old Ways.

       Protection:Just as the prince can count on the protection of his vassals, the prince must be ready to defend his subjects.A prince who looks the other way when one of his subjects is destroyed (by a rival or another vassal) stands to loose all credibility and support.The honor of princedom requires eternal vigilance.Those who are ambient may soon find themselves facing the merciless sun.

       Shepherding the Flock:In order to keep the peace, the prince must ensure that there are always enough humans to sustain his vassals.While the prince sets hunting limits through feeding grounds and domains, he must also shepherd the mortal flock.Without a healthy supply of mortals, the princeís vassals would soon be at each otherís throats.


(Taken word for word from the Dark Ages Table top rule book; yes vassalage is the correct word, and the oath to prince and city is a two way street.)