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 Deck card from 1930's

 New version from ????



 Card illustration from The Tarot, by Paul Foster Case, 1947, drawn by Jessie Burns Parke (this one was colored by James Wardle - the original was B&W line drawing)

 Card illustration from The Book of Tokens, by Paul Foster Case, 1968 (1960) (1934), drawn by Jessie Burns Parke

Okay, here's the dilemma - if you look at the Fool's bag on the right hand set of images, the knob of the staff is facing towards you and the depth on the bag is on the right hand side. The images on the left have the depth on the bag showing on the left side and the knob of the staff is facing away from you. Why the differences between A) the two books and B) between the printings of the cards?? Is one preferable to the other? Details are shown below:


 1930's Card Detail

 New version card detail, date???



 The Tarot, card detail 1947

 The Book of Tokens card detail, 1968 (1960) (1934)

As always, anyone with more information is invited to email me with the facts, which I will gratefully add to this page. The date on the reprint is of course, an obvious need.

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