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The first image is the 1974 version; the second from 1979. There are several subtle differences between the two. First off there is the change in type font for the name of the card and the number of the card. There are some differences in the lines on the top of the cliff and along the base of it. The most profound difference is near the edge of the cliff where the early version has an emblematic cartouche while the later version does not. John Leon pointed out to me that this emblem is the Order's own emblem, and shows up in the frontispiece to Keystone of Tarot Symbols, Epiphany Press, 1979. Strangely, this emblem does not show up in the other publication I have of the Holy Order of Mans, Jewels of the Wise, also published in 1979 by Epiphany Press.

Hopefully in the next version of this deck, the dog will cease to resemble a rabbit. One can only hope.

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