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Sources of RWS Symbolism - Bob O'Neill's research into potential origins/precedents of the symbolism on the Majors. All the stuff is here. Someday, I'll get pics of all the various cards up on this site. Read this now. While you're still young.

ArthWaite writings and more - A. Grinder has done a marvelous job of posting many of the relevant writings of AE Waite. Cut right to the chase without having to buy and read all the books! Several variations of the PKT and KT (Pictorial Key to the Tarot and Key to the Tarot) are there.

Villa Revak - James Revak has a lot of interesting articles on Tarot, especially on early influences on the RWS deck from Mathers and Etteilla. Meet Fifi Ho-Tep Trismegista!

Tom Tadfor Little's Tarot History site - a comprehensive look at Tarot history and more.

The Colman-Smith Tarot Overview - This one is a bit strange, as it ultimately shows yet another recoloring of the deck. That's the strong point. I won't say anything else.

Memorium for Pixie Smith - Wicce has quoted from The Encyclopedia of Tarot, Vol. III. A brief overview of Pamela Colman Smith's life. Otherwise, but the Encyclopedia, Vol. III and read the entire article.

US Games Systems Inc. - The monster that supplies the Tarot world. Many different variations of the RWS deck are here. Many of the same versions of the deck are here in different sizes. Books too. There is no escape! Surrender!

Tarotgarden.com - A great site with a wide variety of decks, mostly those hard to find imports. Just about as bad as Alida, but closer to home. Save on shipping by buying the the US. No great bargains here, but a very fine resource. They also have a wonderful gallery of images of more decks than you can shake a stick at.

Manteia article - Here's Frank's website and it's a joy to go through it. There is a link to order his book on the RWS Tarot, The Story of the Waite-Smith Tarot. A definite must-have for anyone interested in this deck.

TarotL - A mail list with fascinating discussions on a wide range of topics for anyone, beginner to master beginner. My favorite place to learn. This is the homepage site.

Carol Hertzer's page - You can find her wonderful recoloring of the RWS deck here along with several other decks. I consider her recoloring one of the finest examples around. It just glows and vibrates and is just plain neat! I finally got the current offerings of her deck and I just sit around and "be happy." Find the money and get one or more! You can "be happy" too. The new Radiant Waite from US Games does not hold a match to these decks!

Rider-Waite Clones - A good look at the varieties of "close cousins" of the RWS. I take a small issue with considering this deck for "beginners" as after nearly 30 years, this deck still holds my interest.

The Redneck Tarot - This was one of the funniest parodies I've seen. Sadly Paganbear doesn't have this site anymore or the material BUT, being the packrat I am I managed to recreate it here. All the credit goes to Paganbear and his strange, quirky mind.

Copyright information - A fairly decent overview of the "grand issue" of what kind of copyright US Games has on this deck. I quibble with a few points, but overall, a nice summary. Someone will have to one day challenge the "900-lb. gorilla" and let us know what the real scoop is. If you want to really know the truth, get an intellectual properties lawyer to figure it out! Otherwise, visit the US Copyright Office site and look the stuff up itself and do the research.

Weiser Antiquarian Books - I've done business here recently in person. A more delightful, helpful, and lovely set of people I have rarely met. If you have rare book needs, check here first. If you have questions, ask. If you have needs, request. All four thumbs up from me!

Tarot.com - Bob O'Neill's current thoughts are here. Learn about the iconology of the Trumps, the Templars, and other oogey-boogey things here. A scientist's view of the Tarot world, and well worth looking at. Ask for the Dante stuff! Keep this project alive here.

BATS - the website of the Daughters of Divination. Thalassa hosts the Bay Area Tarot Symposium in October (see below for change) every year. In 2009 there was a special celebration of the 100th anniversary of the release of the RWS Tarot. 2010 is tentatively scheduled to happen in August, all details TBA. The theme for this year will continue the RWS madness and focus on Arthur Edward Waite, that loveable rascal! Check the site often to see what is happening. Become a Daughter and get even more - discounts, 'The Flying Squirrel' and more.

Tarosophist International - the homepage of Tarot Professionals and a rather lovely magazine. Go here to see what this very active and dynamic organization is up to. Issue 5 of the magazine contains an article by me on the history of the RWS deck for all of you that missed that at the 2009 BATS.


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