The Oh Shit Line

 This is my own private little theory on this strange line in the Sun card. I see Pixie Smith going along drawing the lines around the Sun, "straight, curvy, straight, curvy, straight, curv. . . Oh Shit! There's the XIX card number. Well, out of time. It will have to stay and maybe no one will notice."

Now this deck was completed in less than a year. 78 drawings in a year! I don't think there was a lot of time spent redrawing, especially on minor matters, such as an extra line.

There is a version out there, the Pamela B, that does not have this line. Just from past experience and all, its easier to take something out of a picture that doesn't seem to make sense rather than just add something that doesn't make sense into an already okay picture.

Shakey, but it pleases me.

Here's closeups of both variations of the OS line. Pamela C adds a small upright line at the base.

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