The Adventure Continues:

For the sake of argument and the thrill of naming, I'll call this green version de Laurence A. For no better reason than the illustrations also show color, here's the next version, de Laurence B:

And the frontpiece:

Actually, I lied about the frontpiece. It's from the Black version, but all the final three versions have the same frontpiece. Notice, the 1916 date is gone from the bottom. The copyright page has changed from the first version.

This, and the next two versions have the addition of the "saving paper" notice.

Here's an illustration:

Hooray for the yellow color! Yellow details and yellow flesh. Perhaps this reinforces the pink flesh as original in the de Laurence A. There is no hint of a pink overlay on top of yellow flesh.

And I did not deliberately choose this card. The book just fell open to it.

The paper in this version not glossy, but of a fine quality. It is not quite as white as the previous version.

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