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Finally, she released his head, and he withdrew his fingers from her snatch. A noise startled him and he looked over toward the door to see Marsha leaning against the closed door, staring at the two of you on the bed. Her face was a mixture of shock and lust. One hand crossed her chest to play with her breast. "Sam! What are you doing with Brad's dad?" Marsha asked, once she noticed Jack looking at her.

Sam turned toward the door at the question. "Mmm, he's licking my cunt, and he's good at it, too," she responded languorously. "You should try it, Marsha." With that, she squeezed his head again as another climax ripples through her body, and she moaned. Apparently, Sam was excited by Marsha discovering the party.

"But I'm still a virgin, Sam!" Marsha exclaims.

Jack said, "I'd be happy to take care of that little problem, my dear. I'll be sure that your first experience is a very enjoyable one. Can you say that about the boys your age?" He then licked his lips enticingly.

"I'll back him up on that, Marsha. He definitely knows what he's doing," Sam said supportively, while running her fingers through Jack's hair.

Marsha remained near the door, but kept playing with her nipples and pussy.

Sam noticed her reluctance and rolled off the bed. She walked over the Marsha, her body swaying seductively. "Here, let me help you," she said as she reached forward and cupped Marsha's large breast in her hand. Marsha's eyes closed, and she tilted her head toward the ceiling. A soft keening sound came from her. Sam was encouraged, and she bent down and sucked the nipple of Marsha's tit into her warm, wet mouth. Marsha instantly moaned, and her fingers found her cunt, thrusting into it. Resistance seemed to collapse inside of Marsha, and Sam straightened and tugged gently at Marsha's shoulder. Marsha moved away from the wall and followed Sam's lead. Jack could hardly believe what he was seeing: Sam was helping him seduce Marsha!

Sam looked at him and winked with a sly grin on her face. Jack thought she might have designs on Marsha, as well. Perhaps Sam was bi. What luck! Marsha's face and upper body were flushed as she walked to the bed. Jack stood up and smiled broadly at her, his eyes looking her body over intently. Sam delivered Marsha to him, lightly nudging her into his arms. Jack looked down into Marsha's eyes and asked, "Do you really want this?"

Marsha nodded quickly, her dark eyes flashing with want. With her permission given, Jack leaned down and kissed her sweetly on the lips. It took a couple seconds for Marsha to respond, but when she did, she did so strongly. She kissed him back and then the tip of her tongue snuck past her lips and licked his. He opened his mouth and she tentatively ventured in toward his tongue. He sucked her tongue into his mouth, and began teasing it with his tongue. He also held her close in his arms, caressing her sides and back. Marsha put her arms around his neck and wiggled her tongue inside his mouth. It was Jack's turn to moan. Jack felt Sam's hand on his back and saw her rubbing Marsha's back, too.

He made some space between their bodies, and he fondled her large breasts through her thin shirt. When he touched her big nipples that were already poking through the material, she gasped and broke the lip lock. He ran his hands under her shirt and pushed up, finding no barrier to his questing fingers. She wasn't wearing a bra! He squeezed them gently and rolled her nipples in his fingers.

Marsha brought her hands down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt. In one swift motion, she raised her arms and pulled it over her head. Her beautiful tits swung before him. Then she grabbed Jack's shirt and pulled it over his head. He lowered his face to her chest and licked and kissed his way around her breasts, making sure to avoid her nipples for now. The moans and other noises from Marsha proved that she really liked what Jack was doing.

Jack nudged Marsha toward the bed. "Lie down on the bed. We'll take care of everything," he said reassuringly. He glanced over at Sam, who winked back at him. Marsha sat down and then scooted up on the bed, before lying down completely. Jack quickly removed his pants and boxers before crawling up on one side of her, and then Sam crawled up the other. Marsha had very large, yet pretty firm breasts and a nice round belly. She was all voluptuous curves from face to shoulders to tits to belly to hips. The Rennaissance painter Raphael would have loved her delicious body. Her dark, almost black hair was spread across the pillows, and her Mediterranean skin contrasted with the white sheets; a true vision of exotic teenaged loveliness. "You are so beautiful," he admired.

He petted her hair as he lay down next to her and leaned over to kiss her full lips. Her breath was sweet, probably from the soda she had been drinking outside. Her lips were soft and inviting, and he opened his mouth and licked her lips. She responded by opening her mouth and teasing his tongue. He took this opportunity to push his tongue into her warm, moist mouth. Their tongues tangoed with each other. From the corner of his eye, he could see Sam stroking Marsha's belly, making large circles on her skin with her hand. After a few rounds, she ran her fingers across Marsha's large breasts. Marsha moaned into his mouth when Sam crossed her nipples. His hand caressed her thigh while this was happening. Marsha was kissing back with passion, her hands gently rubbing on the backs of her seducers.

He moved his hand a little higher, and barely grazed over the dark fur of her mound. Marsha jerked her hips to increase the contact. He ran his fingers up and down her pubic hair, never touching her skin, but still giving her stimulation through her hair. Marsha groaned louder. After a couple passes up and down, he dragged one finger through her slit and felt her heat and wetness. At the same time, Sam leaned over and thrummed her tongue on Marsha's tense nipple. Marsha broke the kiss and cried out in ecstasy, "Omigod!" He leaned back a bit to see everyone as his finger stopped on her clit and slowly began rubbing in circles around it. Marsha's body was a quivering mass of nerve endings; she moaned and gasped at each touch, whether Sam's or Jack's. Sam sucked on her nipple, her hands massaging Marsha's lovely large breasts. He slid his finger down to Marsha's weeping cunt and pushed it in to the first knuckle. Marsha arched her back and moaned loud enough to wake the dead. Jack thrust it in the rest of the way and started pumping in and out of her slick channel. At the deepest part of her pussy, he could feel the thin barrier to her womanhood on the very end of his fingertip. Marsha thrashed her head from side to side at the double stimulation from the two of us. Suddenly, her cunt squeezed hard on his finger and gushed a bit of her fluids around it; she screamed her pleasure. After some time, she finally stopped coming, her breath coming in gasps which heaved her lovely mounds delightfully.

Marsha started to sit up, and both Sam and Jack disengaged from her body. She looked at both of them with heavily-lidded eyes, a sultry stare that burned with desire. She turned over and pushed her beautiful round butt toward the edge of the bed. "I want you to take my cherry, Jack, and I want to lick you, Sam, like he licked you."

"I didn't know you were interested in girls, Marsha," remarks Sam. "I'd love for you to go down on me!" She shifted around on the bed, putting her legs on either side of Marsha with her groin within easy reach of her mouth.

Jack moved around behind Marsha, standing with his cock at the ready.

Marsha said, "I've fooled around a bit with both boys and girls. I've just never been fucked. Now, Jack, go slow." With her statement out of the way, she lowered her face to Sam's aching pussy. Her pink tongue started lapping at Sam like a cat with a bowl of cream. Sam leaned back and purred her approval, simply enjoying the attention Marsha gave her slit.

Jack rubbed Marsha's ass, luxuriating in her smooth brown skin. He ran his fingers underneath her to tease her dripping wet cunt. Marsha moaned into Sam's vagina, causing all sorts of delicious vibrations throughout Sam's nervous system. He put two of his now slippery digits into Marsha's body, thrusting a few times to get her revved back up.

"Mmm, that feels so good, Marsha. Lick my clit. You're getting me all wet and juicy," Sam encouraged. Sam growled her delight.

When he thought she was ready, Jack removed his hand and placed his cock between Marsha's legs, the tip nestled at the entrance to her palace of pleasure. One of Marsha's hands reached back and began playing with her clit. He pushed slightly, and his prick slipped in just past the knobby head. Marsha broke off from Sam's pussy lips and groaned, "Oh, yeah!" She continued by sucking Sam's engorged clit into her mouth. Sam gasped.

Using short strokes, Jack pushed in and out of Marsha's wet sex, until he was lodged against her membrane. "This will probably hurt, but it will feel better soon," he warned. He grasped her hips firmly and thrust with his hips pretty hard. Marsha's virginity broke, and she cried out, stopping her cunnilingual foray. Jack was now buried to the hilt inside Marsha's cunt, where he stopped to let her tunnel stretch to the new intruder. Marsha's cries diminished, and Jack felt she was ready for the next step. He rocked back and forth slowly, spreading her fluids into the furthest reaches of her pussy. Marsha cried out again, but with a tinge of pleasure as well as pain, and she resumed sucking the sensitive button into her mouth. After a few short thrusts, Marsha's moaning was all pleasure, and Jack lengthened his strokes to come almost all the way out and then plunge in until his thighs butted up against Marsha's buttocks. She must have been sucking hard on Sam's clit, for Sam's moans turned to screams, and her hips bucked up to repeatedly smear Marsha's face with her love juices. She continued to scream as her orgasm overtook her.

All the excitement got Jack pretty worked up, and his rhythm sped up. Marsha was now the one growling and gasping. Jack was grunting every time he buried himself inside her. He spread her ass cheeks wide, which allowed him to pierce Marsha deeper on each thrust.

"Aaah, fuck me faster, lover! That feels terrific. I think I'm going to come!" Marsha exclaimed.

Needing no further urging, Jack went faster, and his balls started slapping Marsha's thighs and groin. He could start to feel the clench of his impending climax, but he wanted Marsha to come first, so he thought about funerals and April 15th. Marsha's keening increased in volume and pitch, buzzing Sam's cunt into another wave of orgasms. Marsha rocked her body back and forth at the same speed as Jack pounded her. Jack again recognized being in the same position with Marsha that he had imagined. With one enormous jerk backwards, her head snapped up, and she yelled at Sam and the wall, her climax finally overwhelming her.

"Hell, yes! Ah. Omigod! Oh! Ungh! Fuck!" she cried, her words blending into a gasping series of grunts.

Jack could feel her pussy muscles pulsing around his cock, and all thought of death and taxes fled his mind. He thrust into her once-virgin cunt hard, and then pulled his slightly bloody penis out just as the first gout of spunk shot out and splattered on Marsha's unblemished round ass. One particularly strong burst landed in the middle of her back, only to be followed by an even harder pulse that hit the edge of her hair. He jacked off his member quickly. He could see that Marsha was still rubbing her privates, her orgasm still controlling her.

Jack smoothed his jizz into her skin, spreading it around her cheeks. Sam crawled over, her climax completed, and licked Marsha's back where a small puddle of sperm rested. Marsha slumped flat on the bed face down, her breathing coming in ragged gasps.

"I didn't think you were on the pill or anything, so I didn't want to take a chance on getting you pregnant. I should have used a condom, but I didn't think of that before," Jack explains.

"Thanks, Jack. That was very considerate of you," Marsha's responded in a weak voice.

He crawled onto the bed next to her, and Sam lay down on the other side. Marsha recovered a little and turned over. Jack and Sam cuddled her, caressing her belly and breasts lightly. Sam and Jack looked at each other across her body and smiled at each other.

"Thanks again, Jack," said Marsha. "That's was wonderful. I can't imagine having a more pleasurable loss of my virginity. You are very correct about boys my age. Most just want to get off and have no idea how to really please a woman. That's one of the reasons I experiemented with girls." She stroked Jack's and Sam's backs.

"And I'm glad I got to be part of it," said Sam with a very satisfied look on her face.

"It was my pleasure. I haven't initiated a woman into sex for a very long time," replied Jack.

After some more cuddling, Marsha said, "We better get outside and join Tammy. She's going to wonder what happened to us."

"I don't think it will take much thinking for her to figure it out. She's already given me a blowjob today," Jack said somewhat smugly.

Marsha said, "Really!?" in a shocked tone at the same time as Sam said, "I know." Marsha and Jack looked at Sam with somewhat questioningly. "She whispered it to me when she came outside afterward. That's one reason I came in to use the bathroom. Speaking of which, I actually need to go now."

With that, Sam rose from the bed and put her bikini back on. She carried her shorts in her hand and walked into the bathroom.

Jack kissed Marsha lustfully, and then Marsha dressed and headed out to the yard.

Jack folded his clothes and then curled up in bed for a nap. He was tired after servicing and being serviced by three beautiful ladies half his age.

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