Vital Tree Policies

This page will be updated as Vital Tree Grows. Any updates will be sent through the mailing list.


  1. Any birth records dated after 1935 and not accompanied with a death record WILL NOT be posted.*

  2. Any death records dated after 1935 with an informant listed WILL be posted; however, the informant will be blocked out unless the informant is also deceased.*


  1. Refer to the Community Page and look for submissions to see a list of records Vital Tree accepts. We're working on a links page that will have sites that accept any other kind of records, transcripts, photos, etc.

  2. The last number in the unique document number is the Submitter number.  Under the Community Link at the top is a submissions page, this is where you will find the name of the person who submitted that document and an email if they wish to be contacted.

* These policies are for the security purposes of anyone who may be living.