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Oh man, it's been a while. With Excite@Home shutting down, the website went down too because that's where it was hosted. I've finally got around to putting this thing back up. Mainly just doing it for posterity I guess. Still also lagging on the new site. Oh well. Here's a site I put up for a friend a while back: www.paintandsuffering.com.

So, obviously, the last few days have been hell. I was woken up shortly after 6 am by my fiance, Lisa, saying that someone was bombing the World Trade Center. After finding out what actually happened and seeing news coverage for the last 2 days, it still seems surreal and hasn't completely sunken in.

On a completely different subject, Sam Beebe of SkateOregon asked me to help with a flyer for the contest in Donald, Oregon. Here's the flyer. The contest will be on September 22 at high noon. There is no entry fee and cold cash for the top three finishers. Go to Sam's site for more details and directions.

Also, I've secured myself an actual domain name and even got some more hosting space through my cool ass workplace, so I'm planning to switch over to that in the near future with some more videos. Will post the URL up when there's something there.

Okay, a little update. It's been a while. Along with planning for my wedding, work's been keeping me real busy.

So, I've added a pic of the new park in Sumner - well, at least a picture of the bowl. This one's from a few weeks ago and it wasn't open yet, but hopefully, it'll be officially opened soon.

Other than that, the EMP is throwing the 2nd 'Hey Punk!' this weekend at the Seattle Center. Going to check that one out again.

So there's been quite a number of news events going on in the real world since I last updated this site. There was an earthquake in Seattle, for one. Luckily, there were no fatalities (well, there was a heartattack possibly related to the quake). The night prior to the quake, Pioneer Square experienced the final night of Mardi Gras rioting. One poor guy was beaten to death while helping some woman up. That was the local news and today, in Southern California, another kid goes to school and starts shooting.

In less important news, I'm currently at an inspirational low regarding this site. It's getting messy and I'm sick of looking at it. So it's time for a little break - not that I've been diligently working away at this site anyways. It's time for me to go back to basics for a little bit. Time to let the computer rest for a while and find some inspiration in things more tactile.

Who knows, I'll probably update again on my regular semi-monthly schedule...but right now, I'm feeling like a break from this interactive, slow-moving television.

Here's someone whose works I've recently rediscovered my enjoyment of, Mr. Oliver.

'Til then, here's my latest update...a drawing of my fiance, Lisa.

Russ Browne went to the skatepark in Aumsville, OR a few weeks back. It's another Dreamland Construction creation so it must be a great park. There's 3 photos from Aumsville that Russ took in his photos section.

Also, I finally broke down and bought some low-end DV editing software and capture card (Studio DV). Not the best thing to do when you're unemployed but it was sort of cheap. I'm hoping to stick up some more video clips soon. For now, I improved the old sequence of Morris doing a rock-n-roll slide. Click over here to see it: Morris rock slide to ollie (429KB). It should open up in Windows Media Player. I'm not sure if it works on Macs.

Oh yeah, Happy Valentine.

I found out through Sleestak that Bluetorch TV is showing clips by Buddy Nichols and Rick Charnoski of their tour of Oregon skateparks. The clips are about 5 minutes long and are on the show each day this week. The footage I saw had Steve Bailey, Sam Hitz, Al Partanen, and Northwest locals tearing up Newberg skatepark. Those guys came up to Seattle during that trip too - wonder if the Butter Bowl will be in it (despite the subject being Oregon parks). Check it out if you have Fox Sports channel (Bluetorch comes on at 4:00pm Pacific time).

I went to check out the new Burien skatepark. I've also added two more drawings.

I forgot to add that I added more pictures to Russ Browne's photo section. Go take a look.

Happy New Year's. So I finally got everything done on this site's makeover. I lagged quite a bit.
Other than the site revamp, I added an article about the Milpitas Vans Skatepark.

So today was election day. Did you do your civic duty? It's sort of an all-around sad situation, but I'll leave it at that.

Even though it happened almost 3 months ago, I'm finally putting stuff up about the EMP "Hey Punk!" event. Better late than never, I guess.

Mac users will probably have trouble seeing any of the Flash stuff on this site. I'm working on fixing it.

I'm working on a new look for the site, so that'll be the next update you see. Until then...

Not much new going on. There's a few more animated sequences on page 2 of my photos section (B. Patch, the Ox, and Wez) ~ yeah, they're ghetto but I'm doing it that way until I run out of file space.
I've been playing around with Flash, so you might notice some of it used on the site. Watch out, I'm working on incorporating some BLINK tags in here too ~ until then go to the Crailtap links page to get your fix of the blink.

Oh yeah, I'm hoping to stick up some stuff from the Experience Music Project's "Hey Punk!" skaterock extravaganza that happened a month or so ago. Check back in a bit...

Added another animated sequence/button to my Photos page. Of course, you'll need the Flash plug-in to see it (go to www.macromedia.com). Until I get some video editing software, this is the only way I'm able to get this video footage on here. Hopefully, it'll work on Netscape.

Alright, I took a trip down to Newberg, Oregon a few weeks ago to experience the handiwork of Dreamland Designs. Oregon has yet another great skatepark and I managed to stop skating long enough to take a few photos. Go see and read a little bit about Newberg.
Other than that, I've added a few more scribbles. Oh yeah, check out Morris slidin' and rollin'. I can't seem to get it to work on Netscape, though.

After many years of setting up shoddy metal ramps in the summer and tearing them down in the fall, along with a complete absence of any skatepark last year, the city of Seattle has finally gotten it together and built a decent cement skatepark. The official opening was on 6~17~00. Go skate it or at least take a look at the skatepark for yourself.

I added yet some more old photos.
Also, go get a copy of Fruit of the Vine if you haven't seen it, though most of the people reading this were probably at the premiere for it. If you weren't, it's a video about poolskating that was shot mostly on Super 8. Highlights include current footage of Salba and Tony Alva. Also has NW locals and guys like Steve Bailey, Shaggy (really good footage), Chris Senn, and Lance Mountain.

Some sketches and drawings that I've done have been added to the Scribbles section.

I added some more photos - some taken by Russ Browne and a few more taken by me.

Alright, here's what's up with this site so far... There's no real concept going on yet. I'm just sticking up some photos that I have laying around. For now the photos are old photos that I've taken and they mostly happen to be skateboard-related. I'm also planning to stick up some drawings that I've scribbled. Hopefully, I can put up more current photos and get some stuff from other folks to stick up. Mainly though, this website is up so I can learn some of this here HTML.

Stay tuned...