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  22 August, 2005

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My Genealogy research was started 30+ years ago while filling out my son's baby book. The name POSTLE(TH)WAIT was what piqued my interest and has always been one of my favorite families to research. John Postlethwait the imigrant ancestor owned a Tavern where the first court was held in Lancaster Co., PA in 1729. For the next 150+ years most of John Postlethwait's descendants lived in Pennsylvania. You can see some of his descendants on my page of

 starflas.gif (684 bytes)    Descendants of John Postlethwait of Lancaster Co., PA.

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Will of John Postlethwait I   of Lancaster Co., PA
Will of William Wright, Sr.    of Lancaster Co., PA
Will of James Ross                  of Mifflin Co., PA 
Will of Elias Doan                    of Benton Co., IA 
Repine Wills and Probates    of Indiana Co., PA




You can call these "my favorite places" or "bookmarks" and I am sure we all have many.    I know you probably have different ones and hope you will want to check out some of the links I mention below.  Also, I have listed some of my favorite book stores.


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                     My Favorite Places to find Books, Microfilm, etc.


	Genealogical Publishing Co 
	Heritage Books Inc.  
	Higginson Books