Genealogy of John and Vonnie Esterline Henninger 

of Rebersburg PA and History of Surrounding Areas

I have been a genealogist since 1970 and really enjoy the Internet contact with many people across the world. It has been very exciting to help other people and for them to help me. Thank you to all the people who have sent materials because it is the combined effort that gets a family's history documented and on record for future generations. I'm always looking for additional information and will share information that may not be listed on these pages. I have almost 118,000 people in my REUNION database. Many of these people lived in Brush Valley. Also, I have other Brush Valley (Rebersburg) databases of history that I am willing to share.

Genealogy research includes the following names:

  • Amm to 1828
  • Maize 10 1809
  • Boal to 1800
  • Martz-March to 1816
  • Bulick to 1790
  • Miller to 1787
  • Carson to 1826
  • Naess to 1743
  • Cogley to 1730
  • Poorman to 1665
  • Condo to 1735
  • Reuther to 1839
  • Crissman to 1758
  • Rowe to 1810
  • Esterline to 1778
  • Shontz to 1735
  • Evans to 1747
  • Smith to 1800
  • Fox to 1700
  • C Spangler to 1728
  • Gemberling to 1733
  • P Spangler to 1770
  • Henninger to 1813
  • J Stober-Stover to 1626
  • Hetrick to 1750
  • M Stober-Stover to 1700
  • Krape-Grape to 1785
  • Usher to ca. 1782
  • Krupp to 1739
  • Yeakley to 1807
  • Kryder to 1510
  • Wolf to 1740
  • Love to 1772



    Additional family information is available. Please feel free to contact me at - eeh1@

    Other Brush Valley families --

    Vonnie Henninger

    Hobbies include:

    Autumn Leaf dish collection
    Postcard Collection
    Scrapbooks of History
    Pictures and History of Brush Valley
    Band Music
    John and Vonnie were married in Park Forest Village on October 29, 1961.

               John and Vonnie          Henninger
    John and Vonnie at their 45th wedding anniversary party in 2006.

    John W. Henninger

    Hobbies include:

  • Centre County Camp Cadet Program
  • State College Retired Police Association
  • Band Music
  • Bowling
  • Allis-Chalmer Toy Tractor Collection
  • Riding our Gold Wing Aspencade Trike
  • 1951 Hudson Hornet Automobile
  • spending time at our camp

  • John retired after 20 years of service as a State College Police Officer, where he was the Traffic Specialist. As a Life Member of the Alpha Fire Company, he was a First Aid Chief, a member of the Fire Police; and a Life Member of the Alpha Ambulance Service. After moving to Rebersburg in 1995, John became active in the Miles Township Fire Company. John is an avid bowler, hunter and musician. He has been a member of  The Little German Band of State College since 1964 and plays tuba with the Coburn Brass quintet. He likes to play the Lowry Organ in our home and sings with the Penns Valley Men's Chorus and the Brush Valley Community Choir.

    Brush Valley Community Choir History Pictures
    Coburn Brass Miles Township 2009 Bicentennial
    Little German Band Nittany Antique Machinery Association Show
    Penns Valley Men's Chorus Alpha Fire Company
    Our Family Camp in Rebersburg Centre County Camp Cadet
    Millheim Amercian Legion Band Misc. Pictures
    Henninger Pictures Esterline Pictures
    Hunting Photos


    Evonne "Vonnie" Esterline Henninger
    107 Brown Road
    Rebersburg PA 16872


    e-mail address - eeh1@

    Last updated October 27, 2009