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   I'm VV_GM (AKA - Patrick Benson), and I'm a long time gamer with some free time on his hands that decided to take advantage of his ISP's personal web pages feature. This website is the end result of that moment of boredom.

Gaming: How A Geek Wastes Time

   For those of you who came to this site and do not know what gaming is I'll explain the details here. Gaming is an obsession caused by a person's inability to focus on work and other matters of personal responsibility. It is characterized by constant daydreams where a person imagines that they are someone else in a fictional world, a tendency to describe physical characteristics as meaningless numbers with no scientific significance, and the hording of polyhedral dice and small miniature figurines in large quantities.

   Seriously though, gaming is just a term used to describe the hobby of playing games. I like to play tabletop role playing games in particular, which are games where you play a character created from a set of rules with friends who have their own characters. Together everyone tells a story where their characters are the protagonists. The rules of the game allow for the players to work together in telling the story, and also help to settle disputes as to what is and what is not possible in the game world. Dice are usually used to add randomness to events and actions.

   So why would anyone do this? The same reason that some people paint their faces and scream at a football game in the middle of winter and don't wear a shirt. It doesn't make any sense, so it must be fun!

   I started gaming because of the storytelling. I have an overactive imagination. I can easily become lost in a book for hours on end. Suspension of disbelief is no problem for me. When I discovered gaming I thought "Wow! I can actually share some of my crazy made-up adventures with other people, and they can add their input as well? Where do I sign up?" and that was the end of that. Don't get me wrong. I have a wonderful wife and family, a challenging and rewarding career, and I have lots of other interests (cycling, technology, and camping to name a few). Yet gaming has always been a great way for me to relax. There is nothing better for getting your mind off of all the problems you face in the real world than to spend a little time in another (figuratively speaking of course).

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