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Here are a few of my favorite gaming related sites.

Gnome Stew is the successor to Treasure Tables and your truly is one of the contributors! Gnome Stew is Martin's (the site owner) new blog dedicated to GMing advice, and this time Martin is going with a multi-author approach. It is a great project that has taken off fast! The old Treasure Tables forum has been migrated to You Meet In A Tavern and guess who is running the site? Yep, me. Martin was thinking of shutting them down and I didn't want to see them go away, so I asked if I could take them over and move the data to a new site. He agreed (he's a nice guy and easy to work with), so now the forum is a tavern!

Steffan O'Sullivan's Fudge Page - Steffan O'Sullivan is the creator of the Fudge system and there is lots of great stuff to be found at his site.

Baby's First Fudge Dice - This is a great article on how to take six-sided dice with pips and play connect-the-dots with them to create your own Fudge dice. Plus the site that hosts the article (FudgeFactor) is pretty good too! Unfortunately it is no longer publishing.

RoleplayingTips.com - Another great site with tons of advice and a weekly newsletter via email. Definitely sign-up for the newsletter.

See Page XX - Robin D. Laws is the author of several games, as well as various articles and books on gaming. His most famous work is probably Robin's Laws of Good Gamemastering which is an excellent read for any GM.

RPGnet - I like to check out the reviews here from time to time as they are usually written by gamers and not professional RPG designers. Sometimes you need to hear the average person's thoughts on a product, and not just an insider's take on it.

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