*** W1QWT goes to Dayton 2004***

KC1HO picked up NS1N, W1BT, K1CWS myself , and K1WCC at 3:45 AM Thursday morning. At the airport we met WA1YKF and we met our 6 AM Northwest Airlines flight to Detroit. At Detroit we changed to a little puddle jumper airplane to Dayton. However we had to get off the plane for an hour while they changed the tires. At Dayton we got our nice Lincoln Hertz rental and drove to the Wright Patterson Air Force Base Museum.


Bruce, K1CWS, sharing his umbrella with Henry, K1WCC. We had just arrived and were walking across the parking lot towards the museum.


Here is (left to right) Bob, WA1TGN, Bob K1NOK, and Warren, WA1YKF walking through the exhibits at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.


Don, K1DC, at Wright Pattereson Air Force Base Museum. We saw many old aircraft all the way from the Wright Flyer to modern Blackbirds and B1 bombers.

Q in Space

Q lost in space. Tough getting into the suit.


Left to right is Q, W1QWT, Karl, NS1N, HO, KC1HO, and Pi, K1RV in the hot tub at the Dayton Marriot.

Marriot Room

Here we are relaxing in NS1N's room at the Dayton Marriot. (K1DC and W1QWT)

Commercial Area

A picture of inside the Hara arena where some of the commercial vendors setup.

Outside vendor

Henry, K1WCC, and K1CWS in the tent of one of the outside vendors. Henry and I bought a 300 watt inverter here for only $29 brand new!


These models were demostrating a crank up tower. Yes even they had no trouble getting it up!

Bob Heil and K1DC

K1DC checking out the Heil Mics. Bob Heil himself talking to a fellow HAM.

Q Resting

Q, W1QWT, resting on the floor of one of the forum rooms.

Q Speaking

Here I am (W1QWT) speaking at the AM Forum about the Museum Ships Radio Event.

AM Forum Speaker

A speaker about midwest AM activity's.

K1DC Speaking

K1DC giving his talk about his Collins restoration project.

AM Forum

Participants at the AM Forum.


NS1N and W1BT at the enjoying some Outback Steak.

Dayton Outback

The Dayton Outback Restaurant. They gave me two Outback pins!

Hamtest Online

K1RV manning the Hamtest Online booth. Next to him is the MARS booth.

Waiting for a ride

K1WCC, WA1YKF, and K1CWS waiting for thier ride.

RED Cross Van

Inside the Red Cross emergency van.


Need special medical treatment?


Inside crowds.

Marion's Pizza

Marion's Pizza where every year the AM'ers meet for some socializing.

Looking at Pics

K1DC and KW1I's brother looking at pictures of a Texas ham's radio shack.

Q and Don

K1DC and W1QWT sharing a pitcher of beer at Marion's.


K1DC, KW1I, and Dale's brother chatting.


KC9VF with his remote VOIP setup at Marions. Using the internet we were transmitting from his T-368 transmitter and 192 foot tower at Elk City, OK. The receiver we were listening to was a 75A4.

Rain Man

The Rain Man at Dayton. Bob Dylan would be proud.

Our trip home was uneventful and we arrived back at Logan Airport at 7 PM Sunday night. Nobody we know won a prize.
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Last edited on May 28, 2004