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Hi! This is my HAM shack in 1972 just after I was married. I was living
in Marshfield, MA. at the Royal Dane apartments. I was WN1QWT.
The receiver was a HQ110 and the transmitter was a Hallicrafters HT40.
You can see the RG58U going up to the ceiling. I operated a 15 meter inverted VEE from inside the apartment.
I had this station in Milton before I was married and worked 75 meters there.
My first contact from Milton, as a Novice, was a HAM on Nantucket.

Glover Ave.

My station when I was a General Class in the back room at 80A Glover Ave in Quincy.
In this console you can see on the right, the main rig, a Swan Cignet 300B.
There is a hombrew antenna tuner and two Heathkit SWR/watt meters, one for HF and one for VHF.
There is a Heathkit 2036, 2 meter transceiver.
You can also see some Navy TTY decoders and an old Eico oscilloscope that I built when I got out of the Navy
The antenna here was a Cushcraft, 80-10 meter vertical.

First Dayton Rd Sta

This is the first station I had at 15 Dayton Rd, Scituate circa 1977.
This was located in the cellar and the main transmitter was a Heathkit SB104.
You can also see some Heathkit monitors and a Heathkit 2036, 2 meter transceiver.
There is a homebrew computer and a Heathlkit monitor that I built.
Used a Triband beam and a 75 meter inverted VEE

First Acorn St Sta

This was my first station at Acorn Street in Scituate.
The first rig was the SB104 that I had on Dayton Road but here I had just purchased
the Kenwood TS140. Still using the Heatkit 2036 on two meters, the HR 440 on 70 CM
and a Commodore 64 for station logging etc
Wire antennas were used

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