*** Hosstraders 2006***

With the temperatures in the 70's and no rain this promised to be the best Hosstraders in a while. While I had a great time I noticed that there were not as many people there as used to be when the WX was ok.

Brent at Hoss

King Brent, W1IA, at the Class E Special Event Station with Steve operating.


A group of AM'ers. W2INR, K1JJ, and unknown call.

Q at W1E

Q, W1QWT, hanging out at the AM Special Event station W1E while K1JJ operates.

Q operating W1E

Q operating W1E around 1 AM talking to Old Buzzard John.

Mr. Dickie

Mr. Dickie, WA1YKF, walking the fester.

Henry the hat

"Henry the Hat" Brown, KW1CC, hiding from the FBI. I think he was a friend of "Steve the rifleman"Flemmi.


Tom, KB1TOM, enjoying his first Hosstraders.

Q and PI

Q, W1QWT and Pi, K1RV.

KC1HO and NS1N

Ho, KC1HO, and L, NS1N.

W1QWT open mic

Q, W1QWT, doing a few Bob Dylan songs on WHTN at Hosstraders.

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Last edited on May 6, 2006