*** International Lighthouse Event ***

*** W1QWT at Scituate Light ***

Scituate Lighthouse Operators

Hi! Here we are the operators at Scituate Lighthouse.
We operated in the Internation Light house event in 2003 and used the
callsign W1QWT.
Left to right is: NS1N, W1BT, WA1YKF, W1QWT, KC1HO, N1BSO, KA1BBU, K1CWS, K1DJ.
We operated from the Van behind us using an extended Screwdriver antenna.

Lighthouse Steaks
Ah yes one needs to replenish thier fuel cells after a hard day of making QSO's.
Steaks are in order

You really need seafood when doing a lighthouse event. Lobsters sure
fit the bill

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Last edited on August 18, 2003