*** Near Fest #1 - As seen through W1QWT's Eyes ***

This was the first of hopefully many NEARFESTs which stands for the New England Amateur Radio Festival. Many thanks the W1RC for taking this on and to W2INR for providing the NEAR Fest WEB Site Also thanks to Mike, K1TWF, for handling the actual operation. Finally I thank all those who volunteered and pitched in to make this happen!
Fest Pass
This got me in. Sorta like saving an old concert ticket.
Waiting for start Get Set
Cars lined up 5 abreast in the pre-paid line Mr. Mike (Crestohl), the event organizer, is arriving at the gate to open the Fest as Tim, WA1HLR does the count down.
First Car In Midway1
The first car into Nearfest One Looking down a midway as people arive and setup.
Fest Radio Station Crowed Midway
A Fest patron checking out one of two official Fest radio stations, this one WHTR was on 103.1 and the other Pirate Ship Radio was on 90.5. Both stations brought official fest news and PEWS warnings. (Pigleese Early Warning System) The crowds were better than in previous years and lots of stuff to buy.
Tired Viking The group
The Viking looks tired already! K1WCC, N1BOI, and NS1N enjoying the weather.
Midway Friends
Looking down the midway WA1YKF and K1CWS discussing thier plans.
Relaxation Grove W1E antenna raising
Entrance to the Relaxation Grove. This was where the main JAM fest was held Friday night and also where the AM station W1E was located. An uknown guy, W1IA, and WA1QIX raising the 75 meter dipole.
Launching the messenger line Festival Clowns
Brent, W1IA, launching the 75 meter messenger line over the trees with his Irish potato launching device. Here is the Viking and some guy who kept saying "Pica, Pica"? Every Festival needs these!
KB1TOM In the cup
KB1TOM, Tom, playing some. What do you think is in the cup? Must have been the 'water of life'.
Rahj Q Guitar
Rahj doing it! Q trying to do it!.
Portable Poohpah Grounding
The Poohpah with his battery operated radio on his walking stick. This radio was a Ten Tec receiver with a 1 watt xtal controlled AM transmitter on 3885 KHz. When the microphone was keyed the eyes in the skull on the walking stick lit up! The Viking was calling W1E but no one answered. The great Poohpah performing the ritual of 'GROUND' on a FESTER patron. You see the story goes that during the year of playing with electricity HAMs develop a charge on their opposing extremities and for health reasons it is imperative that this gets equilized before things arc over. I believe that this is a UL requirement! The portable ground being carried is 15.039 millisemens(sp) and is official Deerfield dirt! This dirt will be ceremoniously placed at the foot of Q's tower for an impressive 6db improvment in signal strength due to the Laplaciter effect.
Viking Transportation A Stop
The Viking being transported in the Brentina Personal Delivery Device (BPDD)! Brent was either doing trash pickup or was it delivery? A stop to say hello.
Comm Building Comm Building 2
Commercial Building Number 1. Commercial Building Number 2.
Bob (Q) Dylan Bike Car pic
Is that Q Dylan blowin on that harmonica? This isn't a motorcyle - it is half of a car!
Midway pic Midway pic
Another look down a midway. Another look down a midway.
Midway pic Midway pic
Another look down a midway. Another look down a midway.
Midway pic Midway pic
Another look down a midway. Another look down a midway.
AA1V K1NOK pic
AA1V. K1NOK trying to sell to WA1TGN.
K1nok pic Q Ho and L
K1NOK, WA1TGN, and Friend. W1QWT, KC1HO, NS1N.
W1AY pic Whitey and Kevin
W1AY enjoying himself. You've seen pictures of Whitey and Kevin Weeks discussing business walking at Castle Island well here you see K1NOK and Mr. Dickie discussing business at NEAR Fest.
Luxury pic Way to Go
Lunch with a view. Better than a water view! Now this is the way to go to a fester!
Luxury pic Way to Go
WB1COJ with a interesting item. Tim, WA1HLR, doing drawing duty!
Main JAM session Concert Crowd
JAM Session with W1MJ and others. The crowd at the concert does the 'wave' in appreciation!

More pictures will be added as they come in.

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Last edited on May 05, 2007