*** Radio Station W1QWT Projects***

Navy Op Position

Hi! My present project is building a replica Navy radio operating position, circa WW2 or Korea. This display will be located at the Watson Shipbuilding museum in Braintree where the K1USN radio club is located. The transmitter is a TCS unit which puts out about 40 watts on CW and ten watts of AM carrier.

Next Project

The next batter up is this Heathkit DX-100. The DX-100 was a workhorse from the late fifties and early sixties.

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I am going to strip this DX-100 right down and then build it back up again. I thank my good friend Jon Jesse, W1JHJ, for this transmitter.

HQ129x Before

I have already purchased a reproduction front panel for this one so it will look factory fresh when I am done with it. This Hammarlund HQ-129X was a popular early 1950's vintage HF receiver.


This NC 156 (Navy RBH-1) will require some major work but I am going to make this look like it did in 1941.

DX-35 Transmitter

This Heathkit DX-35 transmitter was a favorite for new hams in the late fifties.

2 Meter Gonset

This is a 2 meter Gonset. Used in the Civil Defense program of the 50's and 60's.

Balanced Tuner

This is a balanced tuner I am building. It is a design from a 1948 ARRL handbook. Notice the two RF AMP meters.

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Last edited on March 13, 2005