*** W1QWT 145.39 Repeater ***


On the left is the repeater, in the middle are the Wacomm Duplexors, and on the
right hand side are the shelves of the computers that hold the IRLP Linux box, Echo Link box, and link radios
On the top shelf is the Echo link box for the 443.600 Mhz repeater. On the right side of the top shelf is the
internet hub and below that is the 443.6 Mhz repeater echolink UHF link radio.
On the bottom shelf are two UPS's to back up the computers.

The 145.39 repeater is IRLP NODE 4320. The 443.600 repeater is node 25209
For information about IRLP please visit the IRLP WEB site.
For information about Echolink please visit the Echo Link WEB site.
Contact W1QWT for operational info about the 145.39 Mhz repeater.
Contact NS1N for operational info about the 443.6 Mhz repeater.
Location: Approximately 2 miles west of Scituate Harbor, Massachusetts.
Transmiter: Yaesu FT 2600 (Top Unit) 
Receiver: Micro Control Specialties MR4 (Just below Transmitter)
Controller: RC100 (Bottom Unit)
Duplexors: Wacomm
Antenna: Hy Gain G7-144
Antenna height: 75 feet above ground (160 feet above sea level)
Transmission Line: 7/8 inch Heliax
Power Supply: Astron with battery back up.
Receiver Preamp:Down East Microwave DEM 2MLNA  Noise Figure < .7 dB
Repeater Power Output after the duplexors: 40 watts
Repeater Receiver Sensitivity: .18 uv at 12 dB SINDAD
IRLP Node:432
IRLP Box: 200 Mhz Pentium running Linux. Cable connection: Cable Modem.

Coverage area of the 145.39 repeater

39 Coverage

Legend: Green denotes the mobile coverage and orange the base station coverage. These areas are the 90% coverage areas. In other words 90% of the locations in these areas are covered by the repeater. Base stations are assumed with gain antennas and height above ground of the antenna of 50 feet. Power output is assumed at 50 watts. Better systems will increase the range.


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