*** South of Boston Amateur Radio ***

The area south of Boston is is quite active in Amateur Radio. There are many clubs in this area that offer the local Ham radio operator varied activities to satisfy most interests.

Breakfast Clubs

Hearth and Kettle Breakfast Club
Hearth and Kettle Weymouth
At 7:00 AM Saturday mornings a group of local
Hams meet for breakfast at the Hearth & Kettle in
Weymouth for breakfast.
Left side fron to back: N1ZMD, W1AY, N1GXV,
W1YR, KB1???, wife of WB1EVP.
Right side front to back: K1RV, W1QWT, W1BT,
N1EY, W1UKZ, & WB1EVP (taking picture).

Jamies Breakfast Club
Also at 7:00 AM Saturday mornings a group of local Hams meet for breakfast at JamiesPub in N. Scituate for breakfast.
Left to right: KJ1KJ, WB1FWS. LEft to right: KC1HO, NS1N.
Left to right: KB1FBA, N1GXV, and WB1EVP. Left to right: W1CC, W1QWT, and N1ZZN.

K1WCC Shack
Here is the ham shack of Henry, K1WCC of Falmouth.

K1VV HAM Shack
In Lakeville, K1VV's Ham shack.

K1zzn HAM Shack
In Hanson, K1ZZN's Ham shack.
AA1A Shack
In Marshfield, AA1A's Ham shack.
K1NOK Shack
In Scituate, K1NOK's Ham shack.
In Braintree, K1GUG's Ham shack decked out in Christmas spirit.
Radios in place now are a DX-20, IC746, IC-751, Drake R-4C with companion T-4XC. Heath SB200 (presently out of ckt)
Antennas: A UT-200B (Mfd by Charlie Murch), Drake MN2000, or old Heath air coil 4.1 balun drive various antennas. Lowest freq is a FW vertical loop, primary resonance on 3.1 MHZ, a 10 MHZ pair of phased slopers spaced 60 ft, favoring Africa / EU., or a presently somewhat ailing Cubex 2 element 5 band quad at 60 feet. VHF / UHF 11 element Jr Boomer for 2M low end, AA1A side kick for 2meter fm and 440 fm at 40 ft. (Doubles as a 2nd 6m rptr rcv ant.)
6M repeater...Sort of Local, GE @ 60w TPO to HB 6M duplexer set HB'd by Armand N1ADP, Al W1SM, Dick K1GUG. Rx antenna = Diamond 21 ft vertical, now only at 25 ft and TX antenna is a dual polarity H&V home brewed at 140 ft ASL, tree hung by an excellent line toss by KB1CKI from 60 feet up! Machine has been DX'd by George WA1QGU at distances of 50 miles hilltopping to the West and North. Performance to the SE and S has topographic restrictions. Machine is set up with a long tail for yagi twisting by dxers and a SLLLOWWW cw ID for novices just learning CW. This is a learning machine.
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Last edited on December 31, 2007