*** Radio Station W1QWT ***

Q's Ham shack

Hi! This is my HAM shack. I am active on APRS, AM, FM, and SSB mostly.
I do a little CW once in a while as I was a Navy Radioman. I monitor my 2 meter repeater on 145.39 which is also IRLP node 4320.
I am active on 160, 75, 20, 10, 6, 2, and .70 meters.

Closeup 1

The desk is homebrew and is home to a Kenwood TS-690S which covers 160 to 6 meters.
Next to that is an all mode TS-780, 2 meter and 70 cm rig. On the middle shelf is Kenwood TS-140 on the right which is used for RTTY and PSK31.
Next to that is a police scanner and interface and switch controls.
The third shelf has a FT-8900 quad band FM radio. Next to that is a VHF/UHF wattmeter and a CW keyer.
On the top shelf is a homebrew balanced tuner, a Heathkit Seneca, for 6 and 2 meters AM
and in the cubby hole is a Hammarlund HQ-110C which is early 1960's vintage and covers 160 to 6 meters
The microphones are a Kenwood desk mic and on the boom is a Heil microphone.

right side

Here is the other side of the operating position.
On the top left you see a Heathkit DX60 with VFO and a Heathkit TX-1 Apache to its right. These are both transmitters. On top of the DX60 is a Heathkit 6'er which is a six meter transceiver. On top of the Apache is a Uniden BC895 scanner. Below the DX-60 is a NC-300 receiver. Below the Apache is a Navy TCS-12 set transmitter/receiver and an ARC-5 receiver.
The two microphones are a D-104 on the left and a J-38 on the right.

Poohpah operating Valiant

Here is the Ghost of E.F. Johnson getting back on the air after a hiatus. The old Valiant was pulled out of the closet again.


This is my messy workbench. Someday I will neaten it up a bit. I have a signal generator, a oscilloscope, watt meter, FM deviation meter, power supply, voltmeter, sinad meter, frequency counter, etc. Pretty much everything I need to build and test projects.

Gansta Q

Gansta Q hanging out in the shack.

Change over switch

This is the change over switch that either connects my open wire fed dipole to my equipment or ground.
It is an Electroswitch Knife switch. Notice the 3/8 inch copper pipe that grounds the antenna to a copper ring buried 3 feet under ground. The switch is rated at hundreds of amps at 60 Cycles but also because of its construction has a low impedance to RF.

DIpole and tower

Here is the 75 meter dipole fed with 450 ohm open wire line that I use on all HF bands with a balanced tuner.
This antenna is up approximately 60 feet. Also shown is the repeater antenna atop the 65 foot tower.


This shows my rotatable array with horizontal antennas for 6 M, 2M and 70 cm. Also on the left is the tri-band vertical for 6M, 2M, and 70 CM FM. In the middle is a UHF scanner antenna tuned for 462 MHz.

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Last edited on November 18, 2006