*** 2008 WBZ AM Transmitter Tour at Hull, MA. ***

WBZ is a clear channel station with a cardoid pattern. The null is out over the Atlantic. WBZ operates on 1030 KHz.
It has its own generator to power the station for up to 30 days. There are two vertical antennas.

1940 WBZ Plaque WBZ audio panel
In 1940 when the WBZ transmitter moved to Hull the Hull, MA. selectmen presented them with a plaque. Here is the audio and test panel at the transmitter site.

Main Xmtr Metering
Main Harris DX50 transmitter running 60KW. This is a solid state transmitter. Here is the metering on the main transmitter showing a PA voltage of 225 volts, 260 amps, and an output of 60 KW.

Inside main xmtr XMT Board
Inside this main solid state transmitter are many output boards that plug in.
Each board has 4 high power transistors. I think David said each board was about 250 watts.
Here is one of the solid state boards.

Spare xmtr 4cx35000
This is the spare tube transmitter, another Harris. Here is Jeff, N1ZZN, holding one of the finals of the tube transmitter a 4CX35000.

W1QWT Ceramic Final
W1QWT at the main transmitter. Here is the ceramic final I am more familiar with!

Dave, W1DJG, our tour guide and WBZ engineer at the spare transmitter. W1DAN the WBZ TV engineer was there to answer our TV questions.

Catwalk ANtenna Base
Walking back along the catwalk . The base of one of the antennas. Notice the spark gap lightning arrester.

Lunch at the Red Parrot Lunch at Red Parrot
Lunch group at the Red Parrot restaurant along the beach in Hull.
We had a good crowd for lunch after the tour. Seen here is KC1HO and NS1N.
Here is W1QWT and WA1YKF at the Red Parrot waiting for lunch.

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Last edited on November 15, 2008