Started off back in 1958 with old Globe Chief and an Eico Modulator. I hadn't been on AM phone much for almost 40 years. I had an old Ranger, which I used on CW. Have since started using it on AM with the RME 6900.

I recently acquired a Gonset G-76 AM Transceiver, which works very well.

Fond memories of 6M AM back in the early 60's have led me to acquire an old Gonset G-50


As well as an old Lafayette HA-460 I got really cheap

Also an old Heathkit HW-10 Shawnee which I am restoring, along with it's sibling, the HW-20 Pawnee (2M AM/CW)


Rather than reproduce a listing of AM Resources, this link is the most complete I have found:

AM Phone Link