MQFD Monthly Sprint

On the final FULL weekend of each month, the MQFD encourages QRPers to pack up their rigs and hit the “wide open spaces.” Now this could be a ten mile hike up the Appalachian (Pacific?) trail, or a grueling exodus to your backyard. In any case, the idea is to operate from the “field” with battery/solar/wind power and QRP.

To further this goal, the MQFD will sponsor a 4 hour sprint each MQFD weekend. If there are no other QRP contests occurring, this will be from 1800-2200Z on the SATURDAY of the last full weekend each month.

To avoid conflicts, and maximize fun, if there is another QRP contest, as listed below, occurring on an MQFD weekend, EITHER Saturday or Sunday, then MQFD members are encouraged to participate in THAT contest, FROM THE FIELD, and submit their log and summary to the MQFD contest checker, as well as the appropriate contest. These contests include, but may not be limited to:

Remember, for these contests, send in your log/summary as usual to the Contest Person for each contest, and IN ADDITION, to the MQFD Contest Checker.

For those MQFD Weekends WITHOUT a contest, the MQFD Sprint Rules will be as follows.

ENTRY Category:



Phone (SSB or whatever)

Digital (PSK, RTTY, MT63, etc)

Home Station (for those who wimp out ;-)

Entries must specify a category, if none is indicated, “MIXED” will be assumed.

Power Multipliers

To keep it simple, we will follow the QRP-ARCI Power multipliers:

>5 Watts = x1
>1 - 5 Watts = x7
>250 mW - 1 Watt = x10
>55 mW - 250 mW = x15
<55 mW = x20


MQFD Member 5 points

Non member in different continent 4 points

Non member, same continent 2 points


RST* SPC Power out (If member, send Power out/M) Member numbers no longer required

For example “579 NJ 4W/M”

*Give HONEST RSTs. There is no money riding on this, so take the time to give an honest RST, and let the guy know how he is getting out! Will be considering a future rule penalizing stations giving ALL “559,” “599,” etc. reports.


Contact Points X SPCs X Multiplier

Note that this allows you to use your favorite QRP Contest logging program on your computer, if you wish.

Results will be listed for each category on the MQFD Yahoogroups page, as well as an email sent to the MQFD list. Deadline for entries will be 2 calender weeks after the contest. (If the weekend is a combined contest, as noted above, deadline will be the same is the “host” contest.)

At the end of the year, results will be tabulated, and the “MQFD ANNUAL CONTEST CHAMP” will be determined. This will be done as follows:

The first, second and third place winners for each month, in each category, will be assigned a value of 3 (first place), 2(second place) and 1(third place). At the end of the year the station with the highest score determined as above, in each category, will be the winner in that category. In event of ties, the station with the highest total score(from the contest summaries) will be the winner. There must be at least 5 entries in the year in the category to have a “champ” in that category. The winners in each category will receive an MQFD Achievement Certificate, suitable for framing. To reward versatility, and addition “OVER-ALL MQFD CHAMP” certificate will be awarded to the station the has the highest score of first-third finishes an any category EXCEPT “Home”. This “champ” must have entered at least 3 different categories during the year.


N0NBD receives 3 first place finishes in CW category, 1 first place finish in Digital, and one third place in Phone. His score is 13

W2AGN receives 6 first place finishes in CW, 1 First place in Phone. Since he only has placed in 2 categories, he has a score of 18 in the CW category, which might win that, and a score of 3 in the Phone category.

KC8AON has 1 first place in CW, 1 Second Place in Phone 2 First place in digital, 2 second place in Mixed and one first place in Home. Score is 17 (note “Home” does NOT count).

NOTE: For contest weekends “shared” with “host” contest, category will be according to contest. Most will be “CW” but for example, the QRP-ARCI Fireside SSB Sprint would be “phone” and their End-of-Summer Digital Sprint would be “digital.”

Confusing? Don't worry, the MQFD Contest Checker (that's me) will figure it out at the end of the year.


John L. Sielke W2AGN

I don't believe anyone still uses “snail mail” but if you must:

John L. Sielke W2AGN

1353 Samuel Drive

Vineland, NJ 08360