Rockmite back
Back view of Rockmite 40, out of case.

Inside of Rockmite 20

rockmite front
Front View Rockmite 40, out of case

RM Case
Rock Mite 40 in the case. 1st QSO K2UY in NY, with a 599 Report!! 30 minute solid ragchew!(A lot of folks asked about the case. I picked it up on eBay some time ago, cheap, along with a couple others. Sorry I don't even remember the guy's name)


Rockmite 20 in Case. First QSO W4JHR in Suwanee, GA Rockmite/Rockmite!



40M Rockmite QSL

20M Rockmite QSL

The third Rockmite, built for 30M and installed in a Doug Hauff "Mitybox." Also "souped up" with a 2N3553 final for a cool 750mw output.