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      Welcome to the home of Frank, W6BBS & Jennifer, N6BBS. My friends started calling me the Voice Of Madera due to my expanding antenna farm and the fact that I worked 260 countries during my first 2 years with HF privileges. As of  02-02-2015 I have worked 340 DXCC entities and confirmed 339 (3 deleted). I have been licensed since December of 1999 thanks to the efforts of Bob, KA6HGT and the encouragement of Mark, N3JNC. I met these fine fellows via The Talamasca, a Synchronet BBS that I operated for about 10 years. Bob & Mark also operated Synchronet BBS systems.


As of November 2009 I put my entire W6BBS & DU1/W6BBS logs up on the A.R.R.L. Logbook Of The World (LOTW). This is my prefered method of QSL exchange.



Big Mouth, Big Signal


       Credit goes to Mark N3JNC for the "Voice Of Madera" logo at the top of this page and for the "Low Flying Aircraft."  


       To see more of his artwork see the misc. link."  



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