LOTW QSL Manager Service

   I am offering to set up and manage a Logbook Of The World account for you. This is a free service to any stations outside the US.

  In most cases, all you have to do is send me an email requesting that I manage your LOTW account for you. I will then send you an email link for you to send a request to The ARRL LOTW Staff making me your LOTW QSL Manager.

  I will then create a request for certificate for your call and upload it to the LOTW server. Once approved I will download your certificate and be ready to process your logs.

  I can handle multiple calls from one dxcc entity if you have changed your call over time.

  If you have multiple call signs from different dxcc entities then we repeat the process for each call.

  From this point all you have to do is email me the adif export of your log and I will process them for you. The first round you send me your entire log, after that just your new qso's whenever you want to update. I will process your logs as often as you wish. I recommend once a month unless inactive.

  Once I have your LOTW account setup and logs in place I will give you the password so that you may have full access to your own LOTW account. Each call sign will have it's own certificate, account and password. I can choose the password, or you may choose it. No one but you and I will have the password to your LOTW account. Only I will be able to sign your logs unless you install the software and download your certificates.

   Should you decided at a later date to take over your own processing, all you have to do, is download the free TQSL software and install it. Download your certificate, or get it from me. You can now process your own log files.

  I will gladly work with any dxpeditions as well.

  I am not offering a QSL card service, this is only for LOTW.

You may email me mycallsign@arrl.net










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