Preserving the history of Amateur Radio, Forest Fire Lookout Towers and Fire Line Radio Communications

(Former U.S. Forest Service Radio Laboratory Call sign)

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                        Spud Hill Fire, Gifford Pinchot N.F., WA 1937        /       Squaw Mountain Lookout, CO, 1941         /       Thelma Duke, Chase Mountain Lookout, OR

"The unique contribution made by the Forest Service to the field of electronic communications began in 1928 when a professional forester near Missoula, Mont., demonstrated his homemade wireless transmitter-receiver to the Chief Forester and members of his staff. The demonstation led to establishment of the Forest Service Radio Laboratory in Portland, Ore. For the next 20 years, a small, dedicated, and talented coterie, with no more than amateur radio backgrounds, designed highly effective portable radio sets for use of personnel on the National Forests firelines."  From Preface: FS-369 RADIO FOR THE FIRELINE: A History of Electronic Communication in the Forest Service, 1905-1975

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    The purpose of the Amateur Radio Forest Fire Lookout Tower Association is to:
    1) Promote public awareness of amateur radio and forest fire lookout towers.
    2) Preserve the history and heritage of the relationship between amateur radio, fire lookout towers,
        and fire line radio communications development.
    3) Foster fellowship and camaraderie between amateur radio operators, fire lookout tower enthusiasts, the general public, and
        other specialized groups, whose objectives are compatible and can be complimented by the Associations activities.
    4) Assist in preservation and rehabilitation of the historical heritage of forest fire lookout towers.
    5) Promote special event amateur radio operations from fire lookout tower locations.
    6) Participate in public service and safety communications.
    7) To provide opportunities for recreation and social interaction for members, their families, and friends.

    Membership is open to any licensed Amateur Radio Operator that has an interest in fire lookout towers and Fire Line Radio
    Communications development. An Associate Membership is open to any fire lookout tower enthusiast that also has an
    interest in Amateur Radio.
    To become a member of the Association, Please sign up for the Association Yahoo group at the following web address:
    The key to membership is interest, self-motivation, and commitment in pursuing the goals of the purpose statement.
    Members are encouraged to search the web site links on this page to form relationships with local lookout tower
    agencies/organizations and amateur radio clubs. This association is national in scope and relies on local contacts and
    initiative to create an atmosphere in which to promote the association objectives.

    ASSOCIATION DOCUMENTS/REFERENCE LINKS:   (Italic links are under development)

    Articles of Association
    Membership Roster
    Newsletters: September 2002 / March 2007
    W7XAQ Callsign in the 1928 Amateur Radio Callbook / QST Article: "An Overview of Amateur Call Signs-Past and Present"
    Association Special Event Station Guidelines
    Association QSL Card Sample
    Lookouts sponsored (or being processed) by the Association for registration in the National Historic Lookout Register
    W7XAQ/Colorado State University-Environmental Learning Center: West White Pine Lookout Restoration and Interpretive project
    FS-369 RADIO FOR THE FIRELINE: A History of Electronic Communication in the Forest Service, 1905-1975
    FOREST SERVICE RADIOPHONE EQUIPMENT; A. Gael Simson,  Radio Engineer-Region 6, Fire Control Notes; April 12, 1937
   Forest History Society: Historical PHOTOGRAPHS of Radio Communications and Lookouts QUICK SEARCH: Example: "Radio"
   Forest History Society: Historical DOCUMENTS of Radio Communications and Lookouts KEYWORD: Example: "Radio", "Lookout"
    Fire Management Today Magazine - Listed by Volume starting in 1936


    Yahoo w7xaq_lookout Group Web Site   
    Yahoo Group E-mail Address:  (To send a message to W7XAQ Yahoo Group subscribers)

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    Forest Fire Lookout Association / Membership Brochure / Subscribe to firelookout Yahoo Group
    National Historic Lookout Register
    National Association of Amateur Radio (ARRL)
    Lookouts of the Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forests And Rocky Mountain National Park
    Fort Collins Interagency Wildfire Dispatch Center
    National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) - Radio Communications Division / NIFC Radio User Site
    Ray E. Kresek (WA7YFM): Author: Fire Lookouts of the Northwest and Curator: Fire Lookout Museum  
    1938 Lookout Cookbook and 1939 Supplement: Forest History Society
    1905 USE BOOK (National Forest Reserves): Forest History Society
   USFS Architectural drawings of Historical Lookout Tower Structures
   USFS Lookout Tower Rental Program / FFLA Lookout Rentals Listing / Lookout Tower Reservation System (Reserve USA)
   The Greatest Good: A Forest Service Centennial Film
   Songs of the Forest Ranger
   Fiddlin' Foresters
   Rex's Forest Fire Lookout Page  (WR7X)
   Amateur Radio Club Search Pages:  ARRL.ORG    QRZ.COM

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