AUGUST 22, 2001


   The purpose of the Amateur Radio Forest Fire Lookout Tower Association is to:
    1) Promote public awareness of amateur radio and forest fire lookout towers.
    2) Preserve the history and heritage of the relationship between amateur radio,fire lookout towers, and fire line radio communications development.
    3) Foster fellowship and camaraderie between amateur radio operators, fire lookout tower enthusiasts, the general public,
        and other specialized groups, whose objectives are compatible and can be complimented by the Associations activities.
    4) Assist in preservation and rehabilitation of the historical heritage of forest fire lookout towers.
    5) Promote special event amateur radio operations from fire lookout tower locations.
    6) Participate in public service and safety communications.
    7) To provide opportunities for recreation and social interaction for members, their families, and friends.


The name of this organization shall be: Amateur Radio Forest Fire Lookout Tower Association, hereinafter referred to as the Association.

The Association's principal office shall be located at the address of the Station License Trustee.

The Association will be Voluntary and conducted as a non-profit organization.

The Association will have no assets, and assume no liabilities. Equipment used for association activities will consist of equipment loaned from members or other individuals, organizations, or agencies.

Individual members will be responsible for coordinating and obtaining all permissions and permits for any activities at lookout locations, with the appropriate agencies, landowners, or other appropriate authorities.

The Association License Trustee shall be the individual maintaining the Associations station license (W7XAQ), as issued by the Federal Communications Commission, and shall have no authority beyond ensuring that the license is used or operated in a lawful manner. The Association license trustee shall keep the FCC advised of his or her current mailing address.

All members holding a valid amateur license, issued by the Federal Communications Commission, will be eligible to use the Associations call sign, within the limits of the FCC rules, and the Association Guidelines for Special Event Operations. The Control Operator of the Association license, at any given time, is responsible for its proper use and station identification. The Association License Trustee, at his/her sole discretion, may deny the use of the call sign to any member, or other individual, for what he/she considers just cause. Members are responsible for Control Operator responsibilities when using the Association call sign. Refer to FCC Rules, Part 97 for Control Operator responsibilities.



Membership is open to any licensed Amateur Radio Operator that has an interest in fire lookout towers. Associate Membership is open to any fire lookout tower enthusiast that also  has an interest in Amateur Radio.
To be added to the Association roster, please send an E-Mail to Include your name, mailing address, E-Mail address, call sign, a list of local fire lookout towers and/or amateur radio clubs that you are, or would like to be, associated with.
The key to membership is interest, self-motivation, and commitment in pursing the goals of the purpose statement. Members are encouraged to search the web site links on this page to form relationships with local lookout tower agencies/organizations and amateur radio clubs. This association is national in scope and relies on local contacts and initiative to create an atmosphere in which to promote the association objectives.

Members will have no authority to act on behalf of the Association, unless requested to perform a function by the Association License Trustee, or by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the membership.



At this time and due to the national scope of the association, their will be no Association officers. The station trustee will handle administrative matters with the assistance of association members as needed, or directed by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the membership.



Meetings are not mandated by this document. Due to the national scope of the association, any business and administrative issues will be handled through electronic formats such as E-Mail and the Association web site:

The station trustee will maintain a Association roster and post the roster with E-Mail addresses on the association web site.

Correspondence related to Association affairs can be directed to the Association License Trustee at the FCC address of record.



This document may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Members, provided that notice of the proposed amendments has been given to all members.

E-mail: Mark Nelson: Association Founder/Station License Trustee